A Year of Memories – Gift Ideas for Any Anniversary

We are not the same person this year as last; nor are those we love. It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person. – W. Somerset Maugham

A year went by with the ones that you love. This last year may hold sweet memories for you to cherish or bitter thoughts of a loss. You may have either a reason to celebrate or a cause to grieve. If you are going to such a ceremony, it is only fair to buy anniversary gifts online appropriately for the individual celebrating or the family agonising.

Sympathy Gifts

Loss of a close one is an irreparable void. However, even then, the ones who stay behind in the world will have to continue with their lives, enduring pain, yet staying strong and eventually letting go of the one gone. A gift cannot reduce the pain, but it can definitely show your condolences and support for the deceased’s family. Consider these gifts:

  • A condolence card with appropriate wordings is the best bet.

  • Gift a bunch of white flowers of any specie. You can also gift the deceased favourite flowers combined with white flowers in the same bunch.

  • Tear Bottles or Tear Catchers meant to collect your tears, can be personalised. In time when all the tears have evaporated, the mourning period maybe said to be over.

  • Every individual who is a part of your life adds to your memories. Convert happy pictures of the deceased you would like to share with their family into a Memory Quilt or Grieving Quilt.

  • Everyone wants to leave something behind to remember them by, before leaving this world. You can do that on their behalf with Engraved Patio Stones.

  • Other options for gifting are Memory Tiles, Plaques and Photo Frames.

Wedding Anniversary

A year of standing together side by side, supporting each other and of keeping a promise to have and to hold for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health. Buy anniversary gifts online for your spouse, celebrating the reunion of two hearts in love:

  • Men and women have an equal taste for jewellery. Finding appropriate jewellery to gift them, can be a tricky affair, so be careful in your selection.

  • Apparel is another appropriate option. Pick from a range of casuals, traditional, formals etc., in various designs, colours and patterns.

  • Carrying the right Accessory with the apparel only enhances your looks. Select from an array of wallets, wristwatches, tie pins, cufflinks, bags, clutches, etc.

  • Another kind of accessory that deserves a special mention is Shoes and Boots. Available in various colours and styles, these are one of those accessories, which have common admirers in both men and women. Select from a range of formals, casuals, sports, etc.

  • Express your love for your spouse in your own unique way with Personalised Gifts. You can personalise mugs, photo frames and cubes, wallets, etc.

  • Other options you can think of gifting are Gadgets, Musical Instruments, Hobby Gifts, Perfumes and EDTs, Personal and Grooming Kits.

Organisational Anniversary

An organisation is a combination of various groups that come together to achieve a particular goal. Every year, when an organization celebrates being a year older, it is the combined effort of everyone, who is a part of that organization. Presenting them with an award only shows your gratitude for what they have contributed. Here are some of the options you can look at before making your pick:

  • Everyone likes to decorate their office space in their own way. Choose from a variety of Desk Décor like glass and crystal desk and office décor.

  • Being another year older is an important occasion, you can think about gifting organizational anniversary Corporate Pens and Pen Sets, Business Cardholders, etc.

  • Buy anniversary gifts online for Personalised gifts. You can personalise keychains, corporate briefcases, planner and calendars.

Other options include Mementos and Trophies, Bookends, Paperweights, Desk Clocks, Globes and Photo Frames, Wallets.

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