Wrapping Ideas for Shagun Gift – Try These!

The big fat Indian wedding is truly magical, for it is ‘glamour personified’. Bright make-up, expensive jewelleries, highly embellished costumes and elaborate rituals do most of the talking in such occasions. Not only weddings, but occasions like engagements and birthdays too are celebrated with much pomp in several Indian households. However, there are a few other things that steal the show in all such ceremonies: and those are the awe-inspiring ‘shagun gifts’.Of course, you can buy gifts online for the purpose of shagun. But then, a gift would look impressive only when it has been packed beautifully. Try these wrapping ideas for shagun:

                                                                   Use Natural Objects:

First of all, you can try to wrap shagun gifts with the help of some natural objects, dear friends. Why not use a sand dollar or some pieces of coral to decorate a wrapping paper?Just wrap the gift item with a single colored marble paper and add these natural objects with the aid of a cellotape or adhesive.


                                                                 Cut out Old Greetings Cards:

I am sure you have some very old greetings cards in your collections. These cards might be adorned with bright roses with a golden shimmer, or other kinds of decorative patterns.Cut them out with a scissor. Now, paste them on the gift wrapping paper after you buy gifts online.

                                                                                 Use a Ribbon:

Shagun gifts look really special once they are wrapped in plain white paper. However, you might be wondering how to add the perfect glow to the otherwise ‘boring’ gift wrap.It is simple. Just tie the gift with a lovely purple velvet ribbon.

                                                                      Use a Ponytail Holder:

When you wish to get a shagun gift for your friend, just buy gifts online and wrap them with glossy paper. Cover them with cellophane paper and secure it with a brilliant ponytail holder.Let me tell you, this is one of the most unique ways to wrap a shagun gift.

                                                                               Add a Flower:

Why be monotonous when it comes to wrapping a gorgeous gift for your best friend’s shagun? A fresh and radiant flower  can instantly beautify a gift. Just add one with the help of a double-sided tape. You can also add satin ribbons to add to its charm.You just cannot go wrong with this particular wrapping idea.

                                                                         Reuse Plastic Bags

You are getting late for your cousin’s engagement? No time to buy a gift wrapping paper? Relax, and take a deep breath. For, you can put those colorful plastic bags to good use.

Image result for Bags

Just tie a knot around the handles of the plastic bags and triple-bag the shagun gift. Next, you got to cut the top portions of the loops.Apart from all these wrapping techniques, you might also utilize zari work to enhance the beauty of your shagun gift. Buy a zari-embroiderd lace and use it to tie the gift item, once you have wrapped it with colorful paper. Have lots of fun wrapping your gifts for your friend’s marriage, birthday or engagement.




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