The Worst Corporate Gifting Ideas Countdown

corporate GiftFor the corporate houses, giving gifts to employees, business associates, venders, etc. strengthens the corporate bond. In fact, corporate gifting does more than that; it establishes a footing in the recipient’s mind and everyday life as well. This is why, just as any gift, corporate gifts should be significantly thoughtful too. This festive season, avoid these corporate gifts at all cost.

Apparels: Although giving apparels as corporate gifts might not be that bad a gift idea, however, it’s a big risk to give apparels. Whether you wish to give a swanky dress shirt or a smart polo shirt with the company logo, if it does not fit your clients or your employees, it just would not be right. Besides the threat of a wrong size, there is also a possibility that not everybody may fancy the colour. As a result, the gift is bound to go in the recycling bin or be recycled in a different way! How many people do you see wearing company apparels when they are out not doing official work.

Mug with Company Brand: This is a great gift idea, but just not great gift for idea for the festive occasion. The only complication is that the recipient might already have too many to count, because somebody has already regarded and acted upon the idea. After all, it’s a great gift idea and they come extremely cheap. However, if you want to be slightly original with this corporate gifting idea, consider personalising the mug with the recipient’s name and one distinct quality along with the company logo.

Utility Gifts: If the company has decided to stop over spending all of a sudden, cost cutting on gifts on festive season isn’t at all a good idea. Since you want to establish your company’s name and brand and want the recipient to remember you, the gift should be worth remembering too. Try to avoid gifts, such as USB drives, notepads, business card holders, etc. Such gifts might just validate the company’s meagerness.

Calendars: Even though calendars are one of the most popular corporate gifts, yet, it’s slightly tried and tested and therefore a clichéd idea. All corporate houses exchange calendars in an anticipation of a Happy New Year. If too many calendars are crowding your place too, then, this is reason enough to avoid giving calendars to your business associates and clients.

Stress Ball: Even if you don’t have a dark sense of humour, giving your employees and clients a stress ball with your company branding on it, is no less than cruel joke and probably the worst corporate gifting idea. Nobody wants to associate with a company, which associates itself with stress. Besides, are you trying to give an impression that stressful times for the company are here?

India celebrates a variety of festivals throughout the year. It being auspicious, sending and receiving is a part of the tradition, not just amongst friends and family but also in corporate houses as well. Therefore, choose your gifts wisely.

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