Wise Gift for the Practical Capricorn.

The tenth sign in the zodiac circle is represented by the mountain goat aka Capricorn. Ruled by the planet Saturn, they are extreme disciplinarians, not to mention, hard working, dedicated and loyal. This is why Capricorns easily stride to the top, whatever their endeavour may be. They are cautious but very steadfast in their approach . They are also conformist by nature as they like to stick to the age old traditions.

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Capricorns are considered to be the most stable ones which explain their need to offer security, comfort and support to others. One can truly depend on this zodiac and leave their worries behind since a Capricorn, with his/her attention to detail, makes one feel loved and desired. Conscientious, ambitious, tolerant, patient, and confident, all this describes a Capricorn quite well. In fact, they set their standards high enough to take them to the verge of being self-destructive.

If you have a Capricorn loved one whose birthday, anniversary or a special occasion happens to be just around the corner, this is probably the best time to find the perfect gift for them. Since Capricorns believe that hard work is the key to success, they will know if the gift was a last minute selection. Needless to say, they detest short cuts. You will find here some fab gift ideas for Capricorns:

Capricorn people will happily tire the whole day with a goal to successfully meet their targets. Their sense of responsibility is commendable. For such a practical, realistic and meticulous zodiac, what can be a better gift than high end technology? Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Nikon, Blackberry are a few of the big names which cannot be ignored.


Apple iPad 3 MD368HN:A, iOS, 64 GB, Wi-Fi, Cellular (Black) Samsung Galaxy Grand QuattroSony DCR-SX45

Since Capricorns are such perfectionist and so thoroelegantnt accessories prove to be great gifts as well. Between shiny cufflinks for men and stone studded pendants for women, choose the nicest you can.

Tommy-Hilfiger-Brady-TH1790903D-Chronographic-Watch-for-Men_1 guess-saddle-up-chronographic-Watch-W0073L1 DKNY Analog Silver Watch

One can even find a streak of creativity in Capricorns. For their creative bent of mind, the gift should cater to their liking. For instance, if he or she likes to cook, get them a great cookbook. If they are passionate about interior decoration, a lovely figurine or an artifact would be nice.

Alvaro Black ALAP008 Laptop Bag for Unisex EnvelopClutchMakeLove Kara Isbella Casual Baguette Bag

The wise Capricorns seek knowledge everywhere and books are the best source of wisdom ever known. However, this doesn’t mean you have to stick to spiritual books only. Once again, use your imagination but consider their taste as well.

9781844135554_1 9789382951001The Garden of Evening Mists (WINNER - Man Asian Literary Prize 2012)

Nevertheless, best would be to plan a beautiful dinner for him or her along with the choicest wine and a lovely bouquet of flowers. Just remember to make it grand and the observant Capricorn will surely appreciate your hard work.

A Touch of Class wine & flower hamper Fresh flower bouquet with chocolate cakeColourful Bliss

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