Valentine’s Day – Avoid Bad Gifts for Your Partner!

I admit it is not easy to pick the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your beloved. It is a bigger challenge when have no idea what your better half will prefer. Maybe he or she changes their preferences whenever it seems convenient. Or maybe you never paid attention to the subtle hints your partner left for you. Or maybe you just do not understand the logic behind spending thousands on a designer accessory. Whatever may the reason be, don’t make it an excuse to deprive your partner of an excellently romantic Valentine’s Day.


That’s just one way of preventing a Valentine’s Day catastrophe. Have you thought of the possibility of giving absolutely wrong Valentine’s Day gifts to your partner? The gifts should speak of your limitless and unconditional love, not of your insensitivity and laziness. Needless to say, find a Valentine’s Day gift which is perfect in all sense. Unlike other important occasions, Valentine’s Day is extra special because it is the universal day for declaration of love. You should not go wrong with gifts on this day. Here are some suggestions of gifts you must avoid gifting your partner:

Any kind of Domestic Gadget: You sure don’t want to remind the woman of your dreams of housework on Valentine’s Day. Instead get her a spa gift hamper so that on a day she seems too tired you get to give her a good massage.

Clothes he or she feels uncomfortable in: Clothes do seem to be the best choice for many occasions but not for Valentine’s Day. Don’t surprise your partner with horrendous choice of clothes. A better option would be to go shopping together and spend some quality time.

Re-gift-able gifts: These are easy to spot because they are always screaming for attention.Gifts such as junk jewellery and cheap cologne don’t convey love, period. These days, exquisite jewellery and branded fragrances are available at reasonable prices and make a fab gift for Valentine’s Day.

Books: Though preference in books differs from person to person, certain books as a Valentine’s Day gift should be avoided by all means. Religious, spiritual or self help books should be best left for later; go for erotica instead.

Any kind of Movie tickets: Not necessarily your partner will share your like and dislikes. In case your partner is not a fan of rock music or plays, don’t get them a concert/play tickets because you want to go. A thoughtful gift would be a booking at a spa for a couple’s massage on Valentine’s Day.

 Make sure that your gifts do not convey wrong message to your partner as he or she unwraps it.Now that you are more enlightened with the knowledge of what and what not gifts for Valentine’s Day, put a little bit more effort to make memorable for your partner.

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