Unique Gift Ideas Online For Lasting Impression

Most of the people like to socialize. In fact, it might be a natural tendency to start a conversation with  stranger. In our personal as well as professional life; it would be required to retain and enhance personalties with many people around us. Right from the neighbor next door, the boss at the workplace to the close friend since college days deserve some special gift to help them celebrate their special occasion. So, to rise above the rest, we can choose some innovatively unique gift ideas to greet the important people in our life.


Here are some unique gift ideas available online

52 Ways To Quit Smoking Cards

This is one of the most innovative unique gifts for men india that would be intended to inspire the recipient men to quit smoking for the health hazards it causes. The set of 52 playing cards is well known. This gift idea uses the concept of playing cards to showcase 52 different ways to quit smoking. This can be a gift that would help the recipient men to switch to a healthy lifestyle.

Gun Stainless Steel With LED Torch Pocket Knife

This would be one of the most interesting, unique gift ideas that can be used during traveling. The recipients would be happy to be gifted with a useful tool that can be easily taken along during trips. The pocket knife would look like a gun and would also have an LED lamp on it for night vision. This tool can be the best aid to cut anything and to get vision when the power would be off.

Umbrella Golf Stick

This is one of the most impressive unique gifts that the recipient would surely admire for the terrific design. The umbrella would be added to the shape of the golf stick at the top. The recipient can use this as a golf stick as and when necessary; while the umbrella can be used for protection from rain and sunlight as well. The combination of two applications would be loved by the recipients.

Euro Napkin

This is another interesting, unique gift that adds spice to the home décor especially the dining table at the recipient’s home. The gift would be a wholesale pack of paper napkins that are used for wiping hands and cleaning away anything that would be fallen on the outfit. Interestingly, the napkins would be printed like currency note of 100 Euro. Thus the recipients can surprise the guests with this innovative idea.

2 Bottle Vase – Green

This is a unique gift that the recipients would use for decorating their living room or the garden in the balcony. The pair of green bottles would be reshaped differently heating them in the furnace. The uniquely shaped bottles can be used to keep beautiful flowers. These bottles would look fantastic due to their unusual shape.

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