Unconventional Holi Gifts for Loved Ones to Cherish

We care too much about our loved ones and their feelings to give them something insignificant and useless. May be that’s why, buying gifts for a loved one is more challenging. It is especially tough to shop for gifts during festive season and special occasions. This year, ditch the traditional Holi gifts, instead, consider these:

Tealight Holders/Air Diffuser: The elegant tealights and tealight holders have a mesmerizing effect on the  onlookers, as they create an ambience of subtle beauty and grace. Metallic, ceramic, stone, clay, carved,with and without the aromatic oils, as air diffusers, a tealight holder is available in numerous varieties.Choose that, which reminds you most of the recipient.


Earthen Cup Set: While drinking tea or coffee from an earthen cup has a simple charm, the earthy chicness of hand painted earthen cups has a charm of its own. These unique gifts are ideal for regular use and special gifts for ecofriendly friends and loved ones.

Big Cheer Shot Glasses

Herbal Gift Hampers: Those who strictly shun chemical infused beauty and personal care products would appreciate basketful of cruelty free, herbal product any given day. Khadi is one of the brands, which is known for its ‘green’ products for many years now.

Herbal Gift Hampers

Novelty Gifts: They make contemporary home décor items and cute utility product at the same time. For instance, a gift, which looks like a fire extinguisher, but acts as a landline phone is sure to raise curiosity amongst onlookers. The range of novelty gifts available in the market is wide and it’s suffice to say there’s something for everyone.

Novelty Gifts

Personalised Name Plates: A nameplate hanging outside says a lot about the people living inside,more so if it is personalised. Caricature nameplates welcome every guest with a big, warm smile, which other nameplates don’t. These days it is easy to create caricature nameplates, with a professional’s help or place an order online.


Holi is almost here and soon it will time for gift hunting. Such Holi gifts choices are one of a kind, appreciable, and fit your budget.

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