Try These 1st Birthday Finger Food


It is easy to get approved when it comes to the first birthday, after all, it would be an exciting milestone and worthy of the celebration. But do not go over the top, and keep it simple as not to get overwhelmed your little one. if you are away, then don’t worry, you can also buy chocolates and cookies online in India.

Party time: The party held for the first birthday would be one of the most certain celebrations. &, to the extent, rightly so – you will just have to enjoy the most incredible year. But it is important not to lose the sight of a reason for that party – your child. Fill the house with the flurry of visitors, a lot of noise & an impressive meal of food & chances are you will confound the star of that show.

Do not feel that you need to cater anything for the adults in a separate way, just let them pick the food you have put out for those little ones. Not only would this make celebration easier, but it will eliminate the choking hazards, like dropped peanuts.

Food for thought: The finger foods help the baby develop well motor skills & coordination make sure that what you will serve would be easy to handle, does not present the choking hazard, & has the variety of tastes, textures & colors. As a rule, those mini guests would eat very little and also opt for the fewer is more route & remember a lot of things that you prepare would end up badly!



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