Top Wedding Gifts


A wedding ceremony would be among the most important events for the couples getting together for the lifetime, and also for their families. The guest and invitees are supposed to greet the newlyweds and presenting the most beautiful wedding gifts can be the best way to do so. Similarly, the families of the bride and groom can gift something to the guests to convey affection.

Some traditionally acclaimed wedding gifts offered online

Personalized Couple & Hearts Name Plate: The nameplate made of acrylic material is printed with the caricature image of the newlyweds and their names within the red heart shapes. This can be one of the wonderful gift ideas that help the couples to decorate their new home and welcome the guests showcasing the smile on their faces.

Personalized Bride & Groom Clock: This wall clock printed with the image of the couple in the typical wedding wardrobe makes this one of the most creative Indian wedding gifts for couples. This gift idea would be the unique way to let the couple remember the special day for the lifetime and feel completely attached to each other just through the glance at this wall clock showcasing them in the wedding outfits.

Personalized Cool Couple Clock: This personalized clock would be printed with the cartoon couple images in the typical wedding outfits. The center of the clock showcases the groom kneeling down to propose the bride; while the 12 numbers on the clock are replaced with 12 different dancing poses featuring the cartoon couple. This clock remains on the wall in the living room or even in their bedroom.

Mr & Mrs. Personalised Mug Set: The set of two ceramic coffee mugs would be printed with the text messages denoting the husband and wife along with the relevant images. These coffee mugs can be either retained in the showcase for a great view or can be personally used by the newlyweds to sip their favorite coffee and enjoy the evenings together.

Getting Married Fridge Magnet: This fridge magnet printed with the wedding-themed images, the initials of the couple getting wedded and the date of the wedding as well. This can be among the most appropriate Indian wedding gift ideas for the guests. The guests would remember the special occasion through the fridge magnet that would be retained on the fridge in the kitchens. This return gift idea can make the event truly memorable for close friends, relatives, and colleagues.

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