Top 10 Friendship Day Messages


Friendship can be the most important emotional asset beyond the various other concerns in life. True friends would always accompany each other even during the bad phases in life. Therefore, these most trustworthy companions deserve to be honored on the special occasion of Friendship Day sending them some fabulous and meaningful messages to make them feel important and unique.

Here are top 10 friendship messages that the recipient friends would love to receive:

1. My wallet might be empty and the pocket might have a few coins. However, when I check my ‘heart’; I find myself to be the richest person on the globe; as I have a friend like you that has conquered the heart since the first sight. Happy Friendship Day Dear Friend!

2. You are the rare antique collectable that I proudly own. I feel lucky to have you as the closest friend, philosopher and guide; that has been always with me irrespective of the ups and downs the life keeps on bringing. Love You My Friend!

3. When you entered in my life as the true friend; I realized how important it is to FORGIVE rather than to FORGET; UNDERTSAND rather than to LISTEN; FEEL than to SEE; and how to HOLD ON instead of LETTING IT GO. Thanks for your unconditional love my friend!

4. I experience the sweetest and most delicious chocolate; most huggable furry fluffy teddy bear; and the brightest star in you. Because you are the best my dear friend!

5. You are the most adorable surprise gift that the Almighty Lord has created for me. Thanks for being my true companion through the journey of life so far; and I look forward to see you with me forever. Happy Friendship Day!

6. I pray the lord to let all your dreams come true and honor you with the blessings for prosperity, success and satisfaction. Let the Lord continue to strengthen you and light up your path for every endeavor in your life. Happy Friendship Day!

7. When I sometimes forget to say ‘Hi’; when your messages don’t get a reply; sometimes when my good wishes don’t reach you; It doesn’t mean that I have forgot you; In fact I am giving you time to Miss Me! Happy friendship Day Dear!

8. The journey of life might bring an array of joys and sorrows. Still, you are the most positive gift the life has brought for me. You share my joys to multiply them and share my sorrows to vanish them. Thanks for being with me always. Happy Friendship Day!

9. Good friends like you are like a computer. You ‘ENTER’ in my life to bring joy; ‘SAVE’ the sweet memories of good times; ‘SHIFT’ all the great chances to conquer the horizons for me; and never ‘DELETE’ me from your memory. Thanks for being such a great friend!

10. Unconditional love from a true friend like you is the greatest inspiration for me. I am grateful to you for your patience to bear with me in all situations. Happy Friendship Day! offers fabulous messages most suited for the occasion of friendship day that would make the recipient friends feel overwhelmed. has been the most trusted online gifts shopping portals for wide variety of gift ideas.

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