Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Gifts For Your Wife

So, the last time you gifted something your wife you saw a grimace of discontent and you thought ‘what did I do wrong this time?’. You bought a shirt from a store near your workplace and again you disappointed her when you thought she would be happy getting a shirt which a model was also wearing on the cover page of a magazine. Women especially the one who is your wife is a very confusing person and sometimes you don’t understand how to get the exact thing that can make your wife happy, then here are some guidelines which can finally allow you to decipher the mindset of the arbitrary and irrational female to whom you are married:

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If she wants it, she would surely mention it at some point ever. This implies something that you’ve never heard her mention is completely out of the list. So, a t-shirt that you think she might like coz you’ve seen her wearing that kind of stuff will not be a good gift as she never mentioned it to you that she wants something of that type

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If it’s suggested by your mother then think twice. Best way to decide if you wanna take your mom’s advice or not is to question yourself if your mom comes in top 10 favourite people of your wife’s life or not. If not then simply say thanks to mom and ignore the advice.

If you too will enjoy the gift then a big no, as your wife will may not enjoy to have tickets of any game.
If it’s something related to household stuffs like microwave etc. then, it’s not a gift for her rather it’s a household purchase and cannot be counted as a gift for her.

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So what should you do?

Here’s a great formula to find out what to get your wife on any special occasion and this formula is ‘PATCH’..

P- Get her something Personal, means something with which she can relates her uniqueness and taste.

A- If you don’t wanna take chances then just Ask her directly what she wants.

T- Be Thoughtful about your gift, spend some time on thinking about something unusual. You’ll surely find some good ideas to go for.

C- You can go for a Card with some heartwarming message for her. When nothing works this is the perfect thing to gift .

H- Ask for Help from anyone who is close to her like her best friend. She can suggest you the best things that your wife might like.


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Next time follow these tips and surprise your wife with something amazing. This will definitely make your next occasion more memorable and unforgettable.



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