Terracotta Jewellery – A New Definition of Chic Styling

Jewellery has been a significant part of women’s lifestyle for decades. In fact, it is 
the best way to accessorize without much hassle. No matter how simple an 
ensemble you choose, an exquisite necklace always makes you look staggeringly 
beautiful. However, there is always the most befitting jewellery for every occasion 
and sporting exactly that matters a lot.


The variety available in jewellery is mind boggling, that you are sure to get 
distracted after a point of time. There are necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, 
available in an array of designs. Moreover, there is gold jewellery, diamond 
jewellery, sterling silver, etc. to choose from; all of that according to the occasion 
and its suitability. If you ask me, I would say, save your boxful of gold, silver and 
diamonds for very-very special occasions. For very special occasions, go for the 
earthy earthen!

Terracotta Pendent Set -Green & Orange Multi Layered Hanging Beads Terracotta Necklace-Black & Orange Half moon curve desing Terracotta Necklaces-Red & White








A new variety of jewellery, made from Terracotta, has already made a niche for itself
in the market. Thought still slightly obscure, it has finally arrived and is here to stay. 
To some, terracotta is an art which is also the first creative outlet of man. What 
started with common earthen pots, the terracotta art of making ceramics out of 
molded clay, it gradually took shape to invoke life in to so many other things. 
Terracotta jewellery is just another addition to the elongated list. This art form holds 
a special place in Indian life and culture. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that, 
you will find some hint of varied rich traditions in Indian terracotta art, still alive 
after all these years

Terracotta Pendent Set -Blue & Green Multi Layered Terracotta Necklace -Multicolour Small leaf Terracotta Necklace-Orange

Coming back to where we started, woman and her love for jewellery, terracotta art 
maybe sans the dazzle, but its traditional elegance in addition to the unique style 
sets it apart. These days, grand weddings also witness classy women adorned in 
graceful terracotta jewellery. Every design is one of a kind and this is why, you will 
find something for each of your attire. They truly are classical masterpieces designed intricately by expert craftsmen and women who have dedicated their lives
to this age old tradition. It compliments both modern and traditional outfits since it 
blends with them so well. Fashion jewellery such as this, enhances your overall 
appearance and transforms your entire personality

The unique combination of style, beauty and grace has succeeded in capturing the 
hearts of millions of fashion lovers. Give a new definition to your style statement by 
wearing terracotta jewellery

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