Starting Your Own Flower Garden in 10 Easy Steps

Living amid a flower garden is blissful. But starting your own flower garden is not easy. It requires planning, timing, budget, and hard work. Being clumsy in building a green cover, be it small or big, will only mess up things. So follow these 10 easy steps to start your own flower garden.

Flower Garden

Select the site where you want to start a flower garden. Try to figure out what part of the backyard is fertile. Test some sample of soil at a nursery. The test will reveal the pH level in the soil. At the same time, consider sunlight for some flowers requires aplenty.

Since the year is divided among different types of seasons, you need to find out what flowers grow in which season. It will be frustrating for you if you try planting flowers in summer that bloom in cold climate and vice versa. The ideal time would be autumn or spring to start your flower garden.

Fix a budget
Building an outdoor space brimming with flowers is tiring as well as expensive. There is a great possibility that you may end up spending a fortune on building the flower garden. So fix a budget and stick to it as far as possible. If you are planning perennial plants, you will need a large space which will shoot up the budget.

Dig up the land
Once the planning is done, it’s time for some hard work. First, remove grass and weeds from the area with a tiller. Dig the area to free the soil so that its efficiency for soaking air and water is increased. After the area is ploughed, spread some quality herbicide.

Make the soil better
Since plants will be extracting necessary nutrients for their growth from the soil, make it better. Spread some garden compost and other manure on the garden bed. Let them merge with the soil by turning with a garden fork. This will loosen the soil and improve the soil profile.

Buy plant seeds
When the soil is ready, buy some plant seeds from a nursery. If you are starting the garden in cold climate, buy hardy plants that can endure the frost. Avoid planting annual flowers during the cold climate. In case you are planting perennial plants, do it in mid-spring and autumnal. If you want flower seeds that you can sow directly, then sunflower is the best one.

Water daily
When the seeds sprout into young plants, water them daily. Water is necessary for the roots. However, watering will depend on the soil type and the climate you have chosen to start the flower garden. Even watering needs to be done slowly and steadily for the roots to soak it.

Protect the flower plants
To keep flower plants away from weeds and let them soak water, mulch the soils by spreading mulch. You need to mulch the soil based on its type. Seek an expert advice to pick the right mulch based on the plants.

Keep feeding the soil
Professional gardeners know that feeding the soil is more important than feeding the plants. Use organic compost to feed the soil. Spray some compost around the plants occasionally to keep them free of pests and diseases.

Maintain your flower garden
Removing weeds from time to time, and watering the flower plants are necessary to maintain your flower garden. It is also vital to fertilize the plant occasionally. Use either liquid or dry fertilizer if you choose to fertilize just once in a season or every month.

Looking at the plants that we nurture come to fruition is rewarding. So don’t while away time since now you know how to start your own flower garden in 10 easy steps. Enjoy a rewarding experience of building a green outdoor space for your family.

Author Bio:  Pratik Waghdhare is an owner of “Prospect Flower”, it is a famous wholesale flower supplier in Pune. Pratik has a passion for flower decoration, blogging, nature photography.

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