No More Second Guessing Shopping for Baby Shower Gifts

Gift baskets make cute baby shower presents. They are distinct, beautiful and quite practical for the mom-to-be. Putting together a personal gift basket for baby shower enables one to give something thoughtful to a baby. Moreover, it allows one to modify it to the expectant parents’ requirement. Thus, they are extremely special for the sender and recipient both. Here are some tips and gift ideas, which will help you to create a unique gift basket for the special occasion.


Basket & Trimmings: Selecting a basket and the wrapping materials is as important as selecting the gifts items, which will go in it. Therefore, choose a strong and sturdy basket so that it comes handy for storage purposes. You can even consider small toy bins, playful buckets and other such creative containers instead of traditional baskets. Buy cellophane wrappers, colourful ribbons and other decorations to match your basket. If you have a theme in your mind, you must select trimmings accordingly.

Basket & Trimmings

Basket Lining: Placing a baby pillow or a soft blanket will help lift up the other gift items, thus enhancing the look of basket overall.

Basket Lining

Gift Items: Although, the choice of gifts is quite standard, however, a fine mix of all necessary items is the key to creating a gratifying gift basket. Toys, apparels, pillows, blankets, diapers, books, bath products, feeding set and a cute keepsake are some of the items, which must go in.

Gift Items

Baby Accessories: Do not forget to include other baby accessories, such as, pacifiers, bottles, hair bows, socks, hooded towels, booties, washcloths and small toys in the basket. It is nice to add some pampering gifts for the expectant mother as well to make her feel special.

Instead of confining your gift-giving opportunity to the same old stand-by options, make your own baby shower gift basket.



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