Search Something Unique For Gifting Husband On Special Occasion

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Husbands dedicate their time, effort and talent earn well so that they can share the joy of living a comfortable and fulfilling life along with their families. Therefore loving wives should make use of every opportunity such as his birthday, their wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day to pamper their hubbies gifting them something unique gifts for husband.

As a natural tendency, men always think about what is there for them in the gift and how they are going to use the gift. Rather than something that needs to be kept in a showcase, they always like something that they can utilize personally.

Shaving set with ivory handles

This would be something that the hubby would proudly use every morning during his routine of getting ready for work. The set would be better in quality and appearance than ordinary shaving kits due to ivory handles. The set would include a stand with an ivory handle. This stand can be picked from one place and kept on the circular base that supports it properly. There would be two horizontal grooves suspended on the top of the stand.

In one groove shaving razor with an ivory handle would be fitted. The two-piece razor head would be interchangeable due to the adjustable fork on the handle of the razor. Thus, one can change the razor after sufficient use as it would be blunt. On the other groove, there would be a shaving brush hanged. It would also have an ivory handle and the bristles would be durable and dense so that shaving cream or foam can be spread uniformly and with adequate thickness for a smooth shave.

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