Say it with Flowers

1Flowers are naturally the first preference when you are planning for a gift. They are bright, beautiful and make for the perfect gift for any ceremony. Even when they perish, they have had helped create some beautiful memories enveloped with their sweet fragrance. They are like the wine that, even though long after you have finished your glass, it leaves a smooth after taste in your mouth that reminds you of the evening’s fun, festivities and frivolities. Every now and then, you wish to be the first one to surprise a dear one with your wishes. You try your best to stay up until midnight to wish them. At such moment, even though you may not have a present in your hand to accompany your wish, but you can definitely order flowers midnight delivery.

Befittingly articulate in expressing your every emotion, you will find every flower has a meaning, just like these:

Carnations – 

Primary Significance – Fascination, Distinction and Love

Red Carnation – Love, Pride and Admiration

Pink Carnation – Love of a woman or mother

Yellow Carnation – Rejection, Disdain or Disappointment

White Carnation – Pure Love and Innocence

Sunflowers –

Primary Significance – Radiant Warmth, Loyalty and Longevity

With their dazzling and bright yellow colours, they symbolize not only the sun, but also pure thoughts, adoration, dedicated love, warmth and long life.

Orchids –

Primary Significance – Delicate and Rare (Exotic) Beauty

In its various colours, Orchids signify thoughtfulness, refinement, glorious and proud femininity.

Tulips – 

Primary Significance – Perfect Love, Coziness and Comfort in a relationship

Red Tulips – True Love

Purple Tulips – Royalty

Yellow Tulips – Cheerful Thoughts and Sunshine

White Tulips – Worthiness and Forgiveness

Variegated Tulips – Beautiful Eyes

Calla Lilies – 

Primary Significance – Magnificence and Beauty

White Calla Lilies – Purity and Innocence

The flower also blossoms in other colours – pink, purple, yellow and orange.

Flowers have various uses throughout the world – weddings, various decorations and funerals. You can order them in bunches of single kind of flowers or a few kinds bunched together. They are also available in glass vase arrangements and basket arrangements. You can decide to either select your flower arrangement from the sample arrangements available online or order your own design. You can either request your arrangement to commemorate an International day (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, International Women’s Day, International Men’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.) or to commemorate a more personal occasion (Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday, House Warming, Welcoming party, Farewell, etc.). You can also choose to opt to order flowers midnight delivery for an emotion like ‘Get well Soon’, ‘I Love You’, ‘I Miss You’, ‘Hugs and Kisses’, ‘My Angel’, ‘I’m Sorry’, etc.

However, to avail these services, you have to select the ‘Midnight Delivery Service’ option and place an order for the flowers between 12.00pm-5.00pm the previous day. Expect the delivery of your flowers anytime between the 11.00pm-12.30am on the occasion day. You can request for a specific time during midnight for your delivery. Be informed that there will be an extra charge for availing these services, including shipping for your flowers midnight delivery. Nevertheless, it would be worth it. It is easy to pay for your order too. You can pay using debit card, credit card, internet banking or ATM card. In the end, flowers are only a medium for your various expressions and feelings.

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