How To Save Money This Diwali

In India Diwali conjures up many images like friends, family, diyas, sweets, cards and-ahemm-bottles. But there is another inescapable truth that follows Diwali and that is over expenditure. This burns a hole in your pocket and it took months for you to recover and your wallet looks like it’s been hit by a rocket. While it may not be possible to not spend in this festive season, but surely some ways are there which will help you in keeping your expenditure under control.

Making a check-list

This will avoid spending on items that you really don’t need. Always prepare a list first of all the necessary items that you need like sweets, clothes, electronic items etc. and then go for shopping. Because Diwali is the time when we ought to buy lots of things and without a perfect list we end up spending on unnecessary items.

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Using handmade stuffs

Making gift boxes, wrapping and sweets all these things can be done at home only. Sweets and gifts comprises a huge part of Diwali and if these items are from home only then you can save a lot. And homemade sweets are healthy too.

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Make DIY decorative items

Do-it-yourself stuffs will look more amazing, you can surf and find out new ways of creating things like lamps, curtains etc. It’ll get you some appreciation and you will save money.

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Pay in cash

Usually we carry debit or credit cards whenever we go for Diwali shopping and swipe the card for all the items we purchase without checking the bill or amount. It is advisable to withdraw cash from ATM and then go for shopping because then you’ll be aware about the expenses and also you’ll spend it more carefully.

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Use sound systems how many of us burst crackers just because they’ll fill the atmosphere with fun and make it pompous. But what’s the need of lots of that you can only burst one and download a cracker sound and play it in loop. Go easy on your wallet and your planet too!

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Invest Some money

All of us know that Diwali is the time when we get bonus but that too is not enough for the expenses but try saving some money like mutual funds, fixed deposits etc. this will make your next year Diwali happy too.Festivals are a time of celebration, family and joy. So enjoy yourself, spend time with your loved ones, and remember to manage your expenses!

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