Personalised Gift For Special Occasion Of Baby Shower


The motherhood would be among the most fabulous experiences in the life of the woman. The ‘would be parents’ and even the family members would be excited to welcome the new member in the family. A baby shower would be a special occasion to honor the expecting mom and also to welcome the child. This is the occasion when the close relatives, friends, and neighbors greet the expecting mother presenting her the special gifts suitable to the occasion.

These are some gift ideas offered online, suitable to a baby shower

Personalized Baby Bib SetThe bibs are the most useful accessories for the babies. These are used while feeding the baby, to protect its clothing from the stains and spillage of water. The bibs printed with a baby’s photograph along with the personalized message for the baby would be the unique baby shower gifts that the expecting mom would appreciate.

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Personalized Baby Coming soon Fridge MagnetIt would be an exciting moment for every expecting mom to watch the ultrasound image of the baby in making. The image is printed on this fridge magnet along with the proposed name and the proposed date of the childbirth. The fridge magnet can be among the most fascinating baby shower gifts India.


Personalized Baby Stylist Baby Shower Gift MugThis ceramic coffee mug is personalized by adding the name of the receiving celebrity and a text message calling her the ‘baby stylist’. The expecting mom would admire this gesture and feel excited about the responsibility to style her baby once she gets it shortly. Altogether, this can be a wonderful baby shower gift that can be retained for years ahead.


Personalized Hello World Poster FrameThis A4 sized frame is printed with the calendar month in which the newborn is expected. The proposed date of the childbirth would be marked with the pink colored heart shape to highlight it and add to the excitement of the expecting mom. This poster frame would help the mom for the ‘count down’ for the special day when she would have her baby next to her.

Personalized Coaster Set Of 4 – Baby Shower Return Gift: The square-shaped coasters printed with a personalized message for the invitees, along with the name of the family hosting the event, can be a fabulous and memorable return gift on the occasion of a baby shower. These coasters would help the guests remember the occasion.

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