Set the Notes Right for a Perfect Romantic Evening

It is believed that different scents evoke different emotions among people and such scents are powerful enough to affect the user’s mood, making him/her feel confident, happy and even sexy at the same time. Women especially, consider perfumes an important part of their personality and lifestyle and make it a point to have assorted perfumes that are marked for different occasions.

A perfume like Azzaro Duo Women by Azzaro can be perfect for evening wear, having notes of sultry and fruity scents of musk, apple and grapefruit. Azzaro Duo Men by Azzaro also contains oriental and woody notes which are masculine and make perfect harmony with fruity and spicy sensations.


It is important to wear the perfume light when going out as it should give subtle hints of fragrance and not completely overwhelm your date. Enhance the aura around your scent and make it work to your advantage as it invokes mystery and curiosity at the same time. Burberry Beat Women is one such perfect scent for a romantic evening with its spicy notes of cardamom, pink pepper, mandarin, light musk, vetiver and cedar. It’s right for setting the mood for romance and helps your date get closer to you as the evening moves forward with the romance.

Smelling great for an evening is a must for guys; Dolce & Gabana The Gentleman EDT will certainly impress your lovely lady. Manufactured and packaged for a guy with refined tastes, this perfume is for the contemporary man who takes pride in his masculinity. Immediate sensations of grapefruit and pepper and shades of lavender make this perfume a total hit. Carolina Herrera 212 Vip Women is a luxurious scent for the ladies with notes of vanilla, rum, passion fruit, gardenia, tonka bean and musk.

Apart from misty and luxurious perfumes, summer season also spells a big need for deodorants for both men and women who wish to feel clean and prevent bad body odour. Brands such as Adidas and Axe have a huge variety of deodorant sprays and roll-ons that are perfect for minimizing effects of sweat and bad smell, leaving one clean and fresh. Adidas Pure lightness for women and Adidas Pure Game for men are just a few examples that are perfect for summer wear.


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