A Perfect Guide to Sell Gift Cards Instantly

There can be some reasons for which you do not want to, or you are not able to redeem your iTunes, Amazon or Walmart gift card. Selling gift cards online is not only trendy but is also a financially advantageous solution for you as you can earn cash in return of selling your unused gift cards.

The rising popularity of gift cards has led to its increased demand among customers. Hence there is an immense scope that you can find some potential buyers who might be interested in buying your unredeemed gift card.

sell gift cards

Ways to Sell Gift Cards

Although there may be several ways by which you can sell your unused gift card and get cash, not all of them are safe and secure options. Hence you must consider smart ways to market your gift cards and to receive faster payment. There are two most popular ways when you are looking to sell gift cards in Nigeria to cash.

  • The most recommended option is selling your iTunes gift cards online, directly to the buyers in your region, which also assures for faster payment. For bulk gift card selling, you may get in touch with a reliable gift card merchant as well.
  • The other way is opting for a middle man service when you do not want communications with the buyers directly. However, this method has a drawback that transactions are quite slow.

Choosing a Gift Card Merchant

To sell gift cards online, you must be requiring a faithful and reputable gift card merchant who has a strong customer base and is easily approachable. Selling your iTunes gift cards with a well-established merchant is quite beneficial in the long run when you are planning to start trading of gift cards.

A reputed merchant in gift card business such as PAX Tradings Inc., accept various gift cards and multiple denominations ranging from $10, $25, $50, $100, etc. It must also have several payment modes and preferably faster payment options such as Bitcoin, Naira, CNY, and others.

You can find gift card merchants in Nigeria who are accepting gift cards for various countries such as USA, Australia, Europe, Canada, etc. Once you become an authentic and bulk gift card seller of these merchants, you can also get the chance to upload your gift cards on your own.

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