Open With A Smile – Top 6 Mother’s Day Cards That Are Not Your Usual

Ok, so Mother’s Day is here and most of us are getting the mode for picking some sweet gifts for the lady #1. In our opinion, best gifts are those that are accompanied with something funny. Who doesn’t like some pun?

We thought of putting together 6 cards from the web that are not your usual, and are sure to leave Mom giggling.



  1. When Mom is there who really needs to thin about paying a bomb to a doctor!


2. She has already threatened you to cut it off when you were asleep. It’s time you volunteered.



3. Give the future mom this sweet card telling her what an incredible mom she will be.



4.Let the new mom know that she is going to be an awesome Mom.



5.Let your mom know she is precious and beautiful today and always!




6.Cmon, you know you are her favourite! It’s time you announce, loud and clear.


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