Friendship is only a step away with yellow flowers

Yellow flowers may not be as common as roses and other red flowers but they do play an important role in the sphere of friendship. Yellow flowers make people smile and new beginnings such as the start of spring are always associated with the beauty of yellow flowers. Yellow is seen as a vibrant colour that exudes immense energy. Thus, it is said to stimulate creativity and intellectual energy.

Many of you may not know that a yellow rose is the traditional flower for friendship. Yellow roses also denote the joy of new beginnings. A bouquet of yellow roses is a perfect gift for new mothers, graduates as well as co-workers who have gotten a promotion.


Sunflowers are given to a couple on their 3rd wedding anniversary and they convey warmth, happiness, adoration and longevity. Similarly, yellow tulips represent cheerful thoughts and since they exude immense colour and brightness, it is hard not to smile when you look at them. Yellow tulips take away the sadness in the atmosphere and replace it with joy, making it an excellent choice for birthdays and weddings. In addition, yellow tulips brighten the house when kept in a vase as a decorative item.

On the other hand, yellow chrysanthemums convey platonic friendship or unrequited love. Yellow daffodils may also convey unrequited love but they can also be a symbol of friendship, representing joy and sunny thoughts. One thing that all of you ought to know is that a single yellow narcissus is a symbol of misfortune, while multiple yellow narcissuses represent happiness for a lifetime.


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