Mythical Significance of Onam

One fine day, as the legend goes, the great King Mahabali sat on the banks of river Narmada, performing the Ashwamedha Yagam in order to expand his kingdom. Each and every sage was invited to witness the event and enjoy the grand feast. King Mahabali promised that whoever sought anything on this day, shall receive it. He being a demon king, Mahabali was a threat to the gods, even though he was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. As the day progressed, a Brahmin arrived at the yaga-shala. By his appearance he looked like a child but he had a grace which was divine. With utmost humility, King Mahabali asked the Brahmin boy what was it that he desired to have. Smiling, the boy demanded the whole stretch of land which he would cover in three steps. King Mahabali understood that this Brahmin was no ordinary boy but Lord Vishnu Himself testing his devotion. At once, Mahabali agreed to the boy’s demands. The boy grew in size and kept growing until he was touching the heavens. He took his first step to cover the earth; his second step covered the heavens. Finally, when there was no space left for the third step to fall, the humble king urged the Brahmin boy to place it on him. The Brahmin was indeed Lord Vishnu. When He put His foot on King Mahabali, it sent him to the underworld. Nevertheless, seeing his noble gesture and true devotion, Lord Vishnu made the benign king the ruler of the underworld but allowed him to visit his mortal subjects on the earth once every year. Since then, in the Malyalam month of Chingam, it is believed that King Mahabali ascends from the underworld to visit his subjects who commemorate this day by celebrating Onam.

Gifts for Onam

The auspicious occasion of Onam is a four day grand celebration with elephant parades, Kathakali dance performances and fireworks. But the main spectacle of this festival is the massive boat race which people come to watch from all over the world. On this day, houses are decorated, new clothes are worn, a feast is prepared and gifts are exchanged.

Since no celebration is complete without gifts, it is important the gifts are appropriate for the occasion. Here are some ideas on what you may gift on Onam:

Jewellery: Women simply love jewellery; they not only compliment her attire but her emphasizes her beauty as well. Come to think of it, every occasion, be it religious or otherwise, brightens up the place with sparkling jewellery worn by the females.

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Gadgets: If jewellery is for women, then gadgets are an equivalently apt gift for men. Take this opportunity gift your special someone the latest phone handset or camera, or something he is hinting you about for quite some time now.

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 Accessories and Makeup: These as occasional gifts never grow old. More the variety of peoples’ choices, wider the array of accessories available in the market. Starting from handbags and wallets to ties and watches, there are plenty of gift ideas for you to choose from. Besides, occasion or not, women love to wear makeup everyday.

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Home Décor: Often festivals mark new beginnings in life which is why, home décor items prove to be perfect gifts. Find bedspread sets, bright cushion covers or beautiful paintings which match the receivers’ home interiors so that they are genuinely happy to receive it. These days, digital photo frames have gained a lot of popularity. They are convenient and look elegant any given day.

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