Memorable Gifts for Teachers’ Day

“Good morning to you,

Good morning to you,

Good morning, dear children,

Good morning to you all…”

Had this been a musical article, you would be humming along with it. For those who do not know which song is this, these were the original lyrics of the world’s most famous song, Happy Birthday. The Hill sisters, Patty and Mildred, composed this song for the kindergarten students where Patty worked as the principal. The simple reason behind composing this heartwarming song was that Patty wanted a cheerful way to greet her students at school. Eventually, the song became so popular, that ‘Happy Birthday to you’ was born.

If there is anybody as concerned about us as our parents are, about how we develop and what we turn out to be, they are our teachers. They teach us more than what is in the text books and encourage our positives; they even punish our negatives. But, above all, they make us responsible and conscientious human beings.



Our teachers are no less than our friends, philosophers and guides, hence, the occasion calls for gifts which should no be less than best. Considering they are our teachers, every year the gifts are limited to cards, flower bouquets and stationary items. It’s not that they are old ideas. They just have become a bit clichéd. However, there are a variety of gifts which are prove to be amazing given that, they are long lasting and a constant reminder of you. Here are some ideas for great gifts for teachers:

Perfumes: Everybody loves a nice fragrance and if it is from a popular brand, then there is nothing like it. There is always some scent of your preference, but you have lots of preferences to choose from as well.








Cakes: One of the advantages of gifting a cake to your teacher is that, the entire class joins in for the celebration; the more the merrier

Shades of Pink carnations Yellow roses blackforest cake yellow gladoliWallets/Handbags: Genuine leather accessories such as wallets and handbags from renowned brands are always a hit with everyone, whatever may their age be.

Lavie purple handbagWallet Men Wallet Ladies

Personalised Mugs: How about a coffee mug with a personalised message which says how grateful and lucky you are to have him or her as your teacher.

teachers_day_mug_design_01 teachers_day_mug_design_04 teachers_day_mug_design_03

Utility Gifts: After taking three to four back to back classes, your teacher would definitely need the right beverage to be up and about again. Hence, an electric kettle would be a perfect Teachers’ Day gift.

Morphy Richards voyager400 Steel sippers Bajaj Electric kettle

Books: Being an educator, your teacher would surely love a good book. Starting from classics to spiritual books, there is an array of genres from which you can take your pick.

 To kill a mockingbird Time Travelers wife The book thief

Even though, The UN established October 5th as the International Teachers’ Day, India celebrates it on September 5th every year. The day marks the birth anniversary of our second president Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who was born in the year 1888. He was a great academic philosopher who brought many reforms in the Indian education system. It is in his honour that we celebrate our teachers a month before the world does.

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