Make Your Desk Less Boring – Fun Upgrade Ideas!

Without these quirky decorations, your desk is just a slab of wood with four legs.


  1. Desktop Stress Toys – The geeky anxiety relievers are absolutely calming.



  1. Bring In Some Greenery – It’s really a lovely little planter with 2-in-1 home function.




  1. Save the tragedy – USB Cup Cookie Warmer : l keep your drink at a satisfying temperature throughout the day.



  1. Feel like cursing , let this be your Master – Periodic Table Swear Mug : Get close enough to read them. Inspired by the periodic table the coffee mug has the  abbreviations of  supreme English profanity.



          5.Social Inspired Post Its – Tweet Sticky Notes : Brighten up the desk with the playful design twitter  design.


  1. Get out of awkward situations – Roll the dice : Want to work from home? Late for a meeting? Missed deadline? Whatever the situations is just roll the dice, generate your excuse and figure out what to say to your boss.


     7. Kick Back and Type Away – Foot Rest Hammock : Stop turning the dustbin upside down, Use this.



  1. So Much More Than a Lamp – Dumbbell shaped Lamp : Inspired by Chinese paper lanterns are impressive.


         9. Adorable and Practical – Huggable Holders : Holders that can double as organizers and are cute too.



  1. One Piece’ Design to Fit All – Cassette Desk Organizer : Keep your essentials in this all in one retro cassette tape organizer.


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