iphone 5c- Which Colour Do You Want?

Last week we asked you to pick your favourite#iPhone 5c colour & also said “colour is not just a hue!”. Well, we meant exactly what we said. Use this blog to tune in to your colour #personality & find what your #iPhone 5c colours speak about  you.

Will the colour choice of your new iphone 5c reflect more than a fashion statement? Yes, it will. Your colour choices say a lot about you and this colour is called association. In simple words  your best colour telltales about you without you having to say anything.

Read on to find out more….


Blue- Calm, confident, credible!

Then, hands down, you are one of the many intellectuals. Intelligence reigns your mind, body and emotions and it never lets you down. Communication is your forte; the more logical it is the more interesting conversationalist you are.  You have a calm demeanour to the point of really being unshakable. You are a friend forever!

Green- Organic, No-Fuss, Understated!

You are balanced individuals who finely scrutinise the pros and cons of almost everything. The other word which describes you perfectly is ‘harmony’. To some you come off as boring and outdated but you are a bunch of benevolent people who give and give but expect very little in return. “There’s nothing artificial about you.

 Yellow- You laugh it out loud!

          Warm, loving and protective you are jovial, fun-loving and a very friendly person. With a “Sunny” disposition you are young at heart and know that you will make your mark with  your
joyful attitude and rib tickling sense of humour

 Pink- Compassionate, nurturing & Sensual!

 There is a reason why pink appeals to every woman and some men. Pink is the colour of femininity. There’s definitely an element of sensuality that goes with pink. You have maternal instincts even if you are a man (a rare quality!). If red is a representation of physical power, pink symbolises physical tranquility and non-violence.

 White – Pure, Pristine, Chic & Direct!

      White colour signifies purity and sophistication. You are neat and immaculate in your
appearance and love adding glamour to your game. There’s something chic going on here, even a
little excitement. You like things with jewel-like quality and a subtle kind of drama.


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