Happy Birthday Gemini!!!

Gemini’s are those who are born between May 21st and June 21st. Dual-nature and contradiction best describes a Gemini. They are people who are capable of producing the virtue of versatility and can be temperamental at the same time. Gemini’s love to be organized and love to learn. They are ruled by the mind, and enjoy gifts that reflect their personalities. We will always find that they are the most fun people to be around with. Needless to say, they like being the centre of all attention.

A fancy surprise birthday party can be an exciting gift for the joyful Gemini. They love being rather glamorous so ensure the party décor is rocking with plenty of colourful lights. Use some nice decals, vibrant cushions etc. for that extra colour and style.You will never have a dull moment with a true Gemini. They can never ever be boring as they love communicating and gossiping. And to top it all the gossips are often intelligent and informative as they tend to have knowledge on a wide variety of subjects which they do not hesitate in sharing with others. A curious and inquisitive nature makes them wander in search of newness. For such inquisitive nature present them with a gift of communications. Cell phones, gadgets like iPad, laptops etc. make it easier to communicate and are considered very good options of gifts for Gemini men.

Gifts for Gemini

In a world where travelling has become a routine for many of us, Gemini’s are the clan that loves trotting around the globe. Gemini’s love to travel. Finding a gift for this addicted adventurer can be a little daunting at times. Whether you live with a globetrotter Gemini or have befriended a jet-setter, a gift that will ease his travel needs is sure to be loved by these most nomadic people in your life. Pint-sized suitcases, backpacks, purses and creature theme laptop sleeves, bags and passport folders adorned with funky designs and colours are just the perfect gift you could give them. Gemini love knowledge and reading, a Gift of aniPad, kindle , travel journals and books to a traveler Gemini and become their hero.Video games are also great gifts as they can help them fight off boredom when he or she is on the move. Luggage scales and unique travel tag to spice up plain luggage can be another practical and a savvy gift for your travel friendly buddy. Adventures are meant to be documented which is why the traveler Gemini would surely love the gift of Diaries with handmade papersor may be a super savvy digital camera.

Gemini’s love to be organised. For a Gemini female the perfect gift can be a decorative jewellery box while for a clutter free man a stacker box can be real nice present where they can put watch, cufflinks, loose change, phone etc… all in one place! Now we cannot complete a list of organising presents without mentioning the evergreen organiser. Team it up with a nice pen for a perfect combo.

Talking about gifts for Gemini women, they love luxury. Any fashion accessory made of silk is sure to please her. Also Gemini rules the collarbone, arms, hands and lungs, rings, a choker necklace a bracelet or watches also make good presents. If you are looking to gift a Gemini woman a zodiac jewellery gift, then Pearl is the lucky stone for Gemini, pick up a pearl ring, bracelet or any other piece of jewellery. Mix and match totally different kinds of presents and you’ll make your diverse and versatile Gemini happy. The Gemini flower is the rose, so a giant bouquet of these fragrant beauties is a good idea too.

Gemini kids will love anything that stimulates them mentally and provides variety. Board games that make them think, activity toys, cars, trains or a toy phone, books & stationery are popular gifts for Gemini kids.So if you know a Gemini, men, women or a kid, pick an idea, work on it and pamper them endlessly.

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