Handmade Gift Ideas For Diwali

Handmade gifts give a special touch to whomsoever you are gifting them to. You can get Diwali gifts ideas that are handmade online. These handmade gifts need not be made by you. They can be ordered online at reasonable prices. The gifts are personalized, and hence, they make a unique gift for your loved ones.


Unique Handmade Diwali Gifts

Handmade gifts are something that gives a personal touch to your gifts. These gifts look as if you have made them. Here are some options to choose from.

Water Colour Paintings: You can get a watercolor painting of your family or a group of friends online. You will be required to upload the picture that needs to be converted to water colored painting. You can choose up to 4 pictures. You can also get a portrait painting made.


Oil Paintings: Online gifting websites have professional artists who can replicate your picture into an oil painting. You can upload the group or family pictures that need to be oil painted.

pencil_sketch (1)

Pencil Sketch: Pencil sketches are very popular, and many people get them done for family or friends. You can get the pencil sketch done for your family pictures. Also, you can get a portrait sketch done for your loved one.


Charcoal Painting: Charcoal sketch painting is similar to a pencil sketch, but the texture is different. You can now get these sketches made online for your loved one.


Loofah Soap: A handmade scrub soap is a unique gift that you can choose to gift someone this Diwali. They are available in minty, floral, and citrus fragrance. It also has jojoba oil and almonds that keep the skin nourished.

Special Handmade Gifts For Special People

Make this Diwali special for those special people in your lives. You can gift them something different that is handmade.


Soaps: Soaps are also unique and can be used as Diwali gifts. You buy handmade soaps that come in various designs and fragrances.


Handmade Trays: Choose handmade trays for your chocolate hampers for those young ones in your family. These handmade trays have assorted chocolates. From various brands that make it special and different.

Handmade Chocolates: Handmade chocolates always taste different than those branded ones — this Diwali gift your family or friends some yummy handmade chocolates. You also personalize them with a special message along with it.

Healthy Soaps: You can also choose to gift a soap that is healthy for your skin. You can buy neem and charcoal, lemon and papaya, lime and lemon, and many more are available online.

Designer Soap For Kids: Kids will love soaps that come in different shapes. You can buy soaps with different designs such as baby, lollipop, bunny rabbit, etc. Won’t they love to have a bath with these soaps?

Handmade Diwali Gifts Online at Giftcart
You can now buy all types of handmade Diwali gifts online from Giftcart. These handmade products are made by professionals. They are also reasonably priced if compared to the products in offline stores. The handmade gifts from Giftcart are unique and make a lovely gift for your loved ones.

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