Gifts Galore for the Gen Next Teen Guy!!

The teenage years for guys are the best as well as the emotionally hardest phase of life. As soon as they turn thirteen they enter the next phase of their earthly journey where they may be facing added responsibilities at home, tougher grading policies in school and ever changing friendship. This period of adolescence is nestled between childhood and adulthood where the overflowing mixture of adrenaline and confidence –is rearing to go.

To be a teenager is to live in a parallel universe to the world of grownups and little kids. Fashion and style to them is all about being cool and they somehow somehow live under a compulsion to flaunt their difference and uniqueness.Buying gifts for this age group can really get tricky. There is nothing static for these ever changing genera. Fashion has a new definition for them. What surprises is complete absence of trends and they mainly live by the rule- “how to look cool” even if it is as crazy as co-ordinating every outfit with matching accessories.

Gift for teen boys

The online market is a treasure trove of everything that one might want to Gift to teen guys with lots of choices at hand. The first thing that comes in my mind when I think about gifts for teen guys is items that give a style lift. Pick up a pair of headphones in bright neon or red and you’ll never see him leaving the house without these. For the guy who has everything—uniqueness would matter: a Foosball table that will fit in his bedroom or dorm can be an uber cool gift. A mini boombox is fun especially if it comes in the much famous angry bird design. It surely should be a must buy if you know a teenager who is hungry for music. Think of all the impromptu dance parties he can start when he connects his party mix to this little guy! With teenage we often have guys, may be your brother who is always ready to steal your face wash, shampoo, and hair gel because he can’t be bothered to buy his own. Get him to step up his grooming game by introducing him to cool personal care products especially for guys. Pep this up by adding a bottle of fragrance that has spicy citrus notes. We promise he’ll be hooked.Teen boys can never have too much of video games. Give him a new x box game and suggest a challenge. Perfect enough to thrill him. If the teenager you know is obsessed with technology then you cannot miss the tech treasure.

Phones and cameras make for the perfect gifts. Gift him a cool new Samsung Note II and it is sure to remind him of you every time he uses them! The coolest thing about the phone is you can draw on it and personalise photos, plus create cards with the included pen. Cameras entice him more and you often see him taking photos everywhere he goes you should take a hint here and buy him a cool camera.A Nikon cool pix camera or Samsung would be great as he can have downloaded apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and upload photos straight from the camera.Character t-shirts and sporty watches with big dials are ideal gifts if you are looking to make their “big” gift, go big. While he may be too old for “crafts”, chances are, he may still have an interest in expressing his creativity. Art supplies and books are also great gifts for the teenage boys. Good quality coloured pencils, sketch pads, and water colours make for great presents to encourage the budding artist. Ultimately, it comes down to that perfect gift for teenage boys, who are growing up and have a mind of their own. The right gift not only pleases them, but also makes them feel on top of the world.

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