Gifts for the Fluorescent Adolescent…

They love their footwear, have surging hormones and emotional changes. Teenage for girls is a time when they are feeling naughty, flirty, jealous, intelligent, over the moon and excited all at once. It’s a time when they like their liberation celebrated and every thoughtful gift is sure to pump up their joy. However they are the ones who can be the most difficult on your list to shop for. Be it your trend forward niece, sister, cousin, or if you are a guy then the “most important lady”, you should always have a list that rounds up the ultimate gifts for teen girls.


Fashion gifts top the chart when we talk of adolescent girls. They are still in their comic books and fairy tales but are also aware and conscious and fashion is “Big” for them as they are somewhere feeling that a paparazzi photographer is always lurking around. They want to mimic the red carpet looks by getting the best shoes, make up and jewellery and keep updating the style as per trend. Thy love beaded necklaces chunky bangles, dangling earrings and urban jazzy bracelets. It is easy to sweep them off their feet by gifting them something that actually matches their persona. If she is someone who walks tall in her effortlessly sporty style then her only accessory of choice will be a statement Fastrack or Guess watch. A girl who is only after simple stuff will love to complement her understated dresses with shoes in bold colours and clutches, slouchy pouches or even a smart backpack that will be real arm candies. If she likes the “lady like look” but prefers fuss free fashion and keeps it classic then delight her with simple studs, fine jewellery, layered bangles or may be a diamond pendent.

Shine glitter and sparkle is an important part of the colourful teenage dream. Weather it’s your palette-loving best friend or your little sister that always steals your things all teen girls like make up which is radiant and edgy. Be it a hot pink brush to enhance her cheeks, super rich lipstick to gloss her pout , matt or ultra-shine she just have enough colour to fill her make up bag. From nail polish to gold-glitter-flecked mascara, make up gift is a choice that is faultless!!

A hot stepper to her friend’s party, she is definitely fond of shoes. From fancy flip flops, to perfect straps, from summer sandals to pretty pumps, she is sure to love each piece specially when she can hop online and pick one for herself. Sometimes a simple crystal perfume bottle filled with vibrant notes of strawberry or may be tangerine, a bestselling body lotion or a simple cream that can help her get rid of a stubborn zit can become an instant hit with the unpredictable teen.

Apart from all things bright and beautiful the teenage girl also likes things wise and wonderful. Books and gadgets can also be a suitable gift for someone who wants to break the trend and be a change maker. Pick a famous read from Percy Jackson series or Kane chronicles series and impress the girl!!! So go ahead and make every effort to spoil the Little Miss Sunshine as nothing impresses the enduring muse more than a “Thoughtful Gift”.

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