Gift Wrapping Ideas – Innovative & Fun!

Sometimes the joy of gifting doubles just by wrapping it all by yourself – it is after all the personal touch of your creativity, an extension of your thoughtfulness. There are a plenty of DIY gift wrapping ideas, one better than the other. Here are five of many unique ways to wrap up a present:.


Confetti Fun: Jazz up a regular gift-wrapper with inspiration from this colourful confetti gift wrapping idea. All you need to do is, apply some glue on one portion of the already wrapped gift and then nicely dip it in bowl of confetti. Wait for the glue to dry before you start writing your best wishes. However, make sure the gift wrapper has little to no designs at all so that the confetti stands out beautifully.



 Pyramid Gift Boxes: Often times, it is difficult to find gift boxes for little things such as jewellery, but not anymore. Make your presents special with this pretty gift wrapping idea. Make a gift box yourself with a lovely handmade paper. Cut out a 4-petal flower like shape big enough to fold several times. Neatly draw a square by joining the points where the petals meet at the bottom. On the petal itself, draw triangles pointing upwards. With the help of a punching machine, make holes on each petal. Then fold the paper inwards along the lines. Once done, it should look like a pyramid. Insert a thin ribbon or a string of a contrasting colour through the holes in order to tie the gift box in the end.


Paper Flowers: First, cut out a normal size square from a coloured paper. Take 5-inch piece of yellow crepe paper ribbon and fold it to form a slimmer rectangle. Cut out some green papers in the shape of a leaves. Cover the crepe paper strip with the square paper from both sides. The top will be open and the yellow crepe paper should be visible. Take a paper leaf and fix it all together with glue. Punch a small hole at the bottom to insert a string or a ribbon through it. Wrap the gift with a neutral colour paper and tie the ribbon or the string around the gift along with the flower. If necessary, you can add more than one flower to the string while tying the gift.



Weave with Yarn: What makes this gift wrapping idea fun is that, it involves colourful yarns. First, wrap the gift with a neutral coloured gift paper. Once done, wrap a yarn around it in a way that every string is distinctly visible; secure the loose end slightly with glue. Then, with the second yarn, weave through the first to make it appear as thatch pattern; secure the lose end with glue. You can use two or more colours of yarn if you like.



Patterns & Bows: Make any pattern on a neutral coloured wrapping paper with the help of the eraser portion of a pencil with eraser or with cut onions. Simply press the eraser or the vegetable into a coloured stamp pad and neatly stamp it on to the paper. Use the same paper to wrap the gift. Make a paper fan from a coloured paper and secure it from the centre. Stick the paper bow on the wrapped gift to add the final touch.


So, next time a gift giving occasion comes up, don’t let a stranger wrap your loved one’s present. With our gift wrapping ideas do it yourself; the beloved recipient would want to save the best present for the last.

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