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Leo season (July 23 to August 24) has arrived. To help you nail the perfect celebratory gift for the lions in your life, here is a compiled hit list of must-haves the gregarious sun sign is sure to love. By nature, Leos loves receiving gifts and appreciate if people put a lot of thought into the present, so presentation is everything—the more specific and classy you are, the more your leo friend will be happy to see the unusual present that  you’ll give. Leos are charismatic and energetic people, and when it is time to give something back to them (in the form of a gift) it is helpful to put some extra thought into it.

Pampered Digs:

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Leos are the one who always appreciate extra attention, and they just love to be pampered. Surprising them with a massage or spa treatment booking seems to be a good idea. Lions’ manes need lots of stroking.

Artful Accents:

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By nature, Leos tend to be great connoisseurs of art and culture.  They like practical items more with some different twist in them. They’ll appreciate anything that elevates the everyday to art.

Some wine:

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So our fourth recommendation is to touch on that aspect.  Leos enjoy social interaction a lot and prefer to be with crowd rather than being in peace.  So get your Leo a few bottles of some fine wine or their favorite spirit.  If your Leo is not a drinker, then substitute drinks with a fun social game and make a habit of making a regular game night with them.

Decor Objects:

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Go for decor objects that characteristics the lion or the sunshine. A toss rug, sheets, photo frames and other stylish things that function their signals are usually welcome as the leos does like to flaunt their sign. Once more, it demands to be classy not kitschy.

Something personalised:

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Get one thing customized-manufactured. Leos revel in the thought that you ended up thinking of them specifically. Leos like to present off their signal in other approaches as nicely. You can get Leo cups or glasses, having written on them “The best!” or something with printed stuff related to a memory you spent together.


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since Leos are so centered around social activities, it makes sense to look for gifts that would be useful in a social setting.  For some Leos, we would suggest something practical like a new set of crystal wine glasses.

I hope these recommendations have been helpful for you.  If nothing else, to get some ideas bouncing around in your head so you can be more focused when you get ready to start purchasing gifts.Are you a Leo? Then, what’s the best gift you’ve ever received?You can Share your stories in the comments below.


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