Four Anniversary Cake Designs That Are Trending

Well, gone are those old days when cakes were prepared using dried fruits and white icing. With innovation and experimentation with food products, new designs, and yummy flavours for icing have gone up. The idea of designing the wedding and anniversary cakes has reached a new pinnacle. Various types of cakes have come up neatly decorated with popular eye colors, wonderful effects, and amazing icing techniques. 

People these days have become very particular while selecting the cake for their partners. The prime reason for it is that some of these cakes look very spectacular and an exceptional piece of art. The use of intricate flowers made up of sugar or neatly sculpted buttercream and the neat icing resembling torn paper; all should meet to the choices of the partner and the theme of the party. 

Here, in this article, we will be dealing with a few top designs and cake ideas which you can consider when buying a gift for wife on anniversary rather than ordering a boring white cake for the occasion.

Dripping Cakes

It is a newly renovated idea where drip work is done with any cake base, creating an indulgent and unique piece. The most common combination of dripping cake makes uses of white chocolate, which is dripped evenly on the marbled cake giving an artistic and creative look. 

For adding up to the beauty of it, figs and nuts are used along with roses. The appearance of this cake provides a full flavour of vintage with modern ideas making it a cake to remember. Above all, the colourful drips on the cake give an eye-catchy look to the smooth texture of the marble cake. 

Shaggy Cakes

The term shaggy is enough to bring a relatable design in your mind that the cake will have an unusual and insane look. The strands of this type of cake are frosted individually to provide the shaggy approach. 

To make the cake more different, you can even incorporate the theme colours of the party. However, you need to make sure that the design and the shape of the cake fit perfectly to the occasion. 

Watercolor Cakes

The watercolor cakes make use of the idea of using vibrant colours with neat and detailed designs of leaves and other decorative flowers. These cakes usually incorporate the idea of floral designs with attractive colours to fit in the trend of 2019. These cakes are becoming amazingly popular. 

Botanical Cakes

These cakes make use of the unique idea, using cactuses, different succulents, and edible flowers for adding up the decorative element to the plain icing based cakes. Such cakes make a perfect gift. 

The idea of giving an amazing cake as a gift for husband on wedding anniversary has evolved as a trending idea. With so many attractive designs, colors and looks coming up, it has become an amazing gift if your partner is an art lover. However, the color theme of the party must be strictly followed when selecting the cake.

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