Fool’s Day Pranks- Set Your Boss Up For Some Unsuspected Fun

You have to agree that, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Just work, work and more work, what fun is that? If you too love to bring laughter and sunshine in people’s lives, especially if they are your tired and over-worked colleagues, then know that April Fools’ Day is just around the corner. No one is spared from the practical jokes. Here are some pranks worth playing 😉

Spook Spoof: Those who work until late in the office deserve a breather. I’am sure your Boss is one of them. Leave a super scary voice message on an unsuspecting colleague’s phone from an unknown or private number. Say you would visit him or her at night. Then, when everyone’s left the office building except the over-timer, pay him or her a visit in a ghostly appearance.


Gross the Bros: Wet and roll the cardboard portion of the tissue paper roll until it is soft and breaks easily. Give the pulp the shape of human excreta and leave it on the toilet seat where it’d be easily visible. Leave a couple of them on the floor for the visitors to the washroom to freak out. 😈


Chilling the Head: Print out face texture map of a zombie from the internet and laminate it. Fill a jar (big enough to fit your photo) with water, add yellow, green and orange food colour. Roll the photo and secure the loose edges with tape. Once done, insert the photo in the jar containing coloured water and cover it with the lid. Leave the head in office refrigerator to scare your colleagues.


It’s a Treat: Take your boss out for ice cream sundaes. Yummy. Except, it won’t be ice cream but mashed potatoes. Wait, what? Want to make it tasty check the mashed potato recipe here.


World’s Upside Down: Press ctrl+alt+down arrow to flip the computer screen upside down. Let them figure out how to flip it back.


Hey, don’t forget about bringing laughter and sunshine in your boss’ life. After all, he is the most over-worked employee of the company.


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