Flowers and What they Say About You

blog_flowers1. Rose: Different colours of roses have different. Whilethe red rose stands for love, the yellow rose signifies friendship, and the white rose symbolize speace.

2. Lily: The lily is the symbol of innocence, purity and spirituality. This is why Lilies are popular as gifting flowers.

3. Tulip:Tulips are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring. Lovely as it may sound Tulips signify the giver as a‘perfect lover.’

4. Sunflower: A charming sunflower appeals to both children and adults with its vibrant yellow colour.The fact that they always face the sun shows respect and true devotion for someone.

5. Daffodil:Daffodils are a delightful addition to the garden because cheerful yellow colour. Their presence pleases everyone during the winter. This flower signifies this chivalrous quality.

6. Crocus:These buttercup-shaped flowers are usually purple, white or yellow. A crocus symbolizes foresightedness.

7. Daisies:Daisies are typically bright and cheery and are usually yellow and white.This petite flower, needless to say, stands for gentleness, innocence and loyal love.

8. Marigolds:Marigold flowers are a traditional Indian wedding flower,which adds brightness and rich colour to the ambiance. They often convey a sacred affection and loyality

9. Jasmine:Jasmine is both elegant and fragrant. Their mesmerizing fragrance is quite versatile and often cheers up the senses. Simply put, they symbolize amicability and modesty.

10. Orchids:Orchids come in many shades and each of their colours signifies magnificence, love, beauty and refinement.

11. Lotus:The beautiful pink-toned flower that floats on the water, Lotus, is the national flower of India. Its unique quality of being born in mud yet be separated from the muck is simply amazing. Lotus symbolizes mystery and truth.

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