Do Flowers Mean a lot?

Whether you’re planning to give or hoping to receive some flowers then you must keep in mind that even flowers speak a lot more than just being beautiful.

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The flowers that anyone choose can say a lot about their relationship. Use the key below to find what the flowers that you’re thinking of getting for this occasion mean:

Red Roses:

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Roses are the most classic ones and the most popular choice among lovers. Red rose symbolize romance, love, beauty and perfection. If your partner or someone gets you a red rose then this shows that they are looking for a serious relationship with you.  The colour red is a high energy colour that compels us to passion and giving or receiving a red rose means that you’re sure enough to accept them completely in your life or vice-versa.

Pink Tulips:

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By the colour pink you can show that you admire the person a lot as pink the colour of joy and youthfulness. And about tulips even Gaffney has said that “Tulips stand for perfect love”. If you wanna appreciate your partner for whatever they does for you then tulips are the right choice especially in pink as pink colour shows just the right amount of sophistication and casualness. Also tulips are great if you wanna give time to your relationship and yet not ready for commitment.

Yellow Orchids:

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Orchids symbolize love, beauty, luxury and strength. And they’re the perfect flowers for sending the message of exotic seduction. If someone gives you orchids or you’re giving them to someone then beware as they clearly shows that the one who is giving is kind of a wilder than the one who goes for dozen roses.


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Simple, dainty and serene kind of flower to offer your lady love. If you’re a kind of person who likes to surprise your mistress on random basis then carnations works very well.  These ruffles blooms stands for new love and fascination. Also these cheerful blooms are hearty and very affordable.


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Daisies represents innocence and are perfect for honeymoon stage of a relationship and you still haven’t any real fights and issues yet. Grab a multicoloured bunch to say that “thank you”, “I love you”, “I admire you” all at once.


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A whole bouquet of sunflowers convey adoration, warmth, happiness and long lasting love. They also stands for loyalty and a perfect flower to present him/her at any special occasion to let them know that you are and will always be the same forever and be by their side forever.

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So for a thoughtful and surprising way to say “I love you” pick up one of the above romantic floral alternatives and get some appreciation for your efforts by your lover.



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