DIY- Pencil Flower Vase

Teachers are people who nurture us. They are the ones who make a big difference in our lives and the only ones after our parents who motivates us to learn from our mistakes and embrace experimentation. They teach us values important for life and are the happiest to see us live it every day. They have the determination of changing a “ never succeed” to experts.

Though teachers need appreciation all the time it’s seldom that we show them. This teachers’ day let us help you create a little something special to honour and celebrate the incredible teacher who are busy shaping our future. If you are a grown up and out of school and have kids then this is a fab project for your child to show his/his appreciation for their beloved teacher. Good teachers make a big impact in our lives and I hope this gift idea will give you inspiration on how to tell our favourite teachers “Thank You!”


A pencil flower vase is a fun and easy project. Get these delivered filled with lovely blossoms. There is no greater gift to the teacher  than showing our support for them.


–        Empty soda can. I have used a tumbs up can.

–        Super glue- use our favourite craft adhesive fevicol.

–        Unsharpened pencils- take a mix of two or multiple colours. Here I have used a combination of pink and blue rubber topped pencils.

–        Ribbon- appox ½ a meter.

–        Assorted buttons.

–        Scissors.

How to:

–        Lay out the pencils you want to use. I have used a mix of two colours, blue and pink pencils but but really you could create any pattern you like.  Put a dab of glue on half of the can first.

–        Start pressing  the pencils into the can. Make sure that the rubber tip is facing up.

–        Slowly cover the complete can with the pencils.

–        When all pencils are in place let the can stand for the pencils to settle for approx half an hour. Take the ribbon and wrap it across the centre of the can and stick with the glue. Decorate the ribbon with assorted buttons to give a cute look. If you want you can also let your child scribble some quotes on message on the ribbon and stick around


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


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