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Diwali isn’t so much about the splurging and the crackers as much as it is about beautiful lighting and a family get together. During Diwali the whole family has to work as a team to produce delicious homemade sweets and humble decorations. With the Diwali festival around the corner, homemakers will be going into a frenzy cleaning up the whole place and trying to find the best decorative items available in the market. Here are some ideas that can help you decorate your house this Diwali.

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The above image displays the step by step procedure for creating bulb-chain. and also final bulb-chain which is ready for house-decoration. The walls of your house will look beautiful, unique and different as compared to other walls with normal hanging. Please be careful while choosing paper’s thickness. The paper that you’ll choose must be thin otherwise lights will not be visible properly.



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Earthen lamps are the biggest attraction of Diwali now you can get a little creative with them just by using some paints and stuffs. Decorate them the way you like and light up the house with them.

DIY Glitter Paper Lantern

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These lanterns threw lovely reflections on our tiles and glass top. It is one of the easiest and most attractive thing that you can create for diwali decoration. Just draw the lines on the folded paper and cut it. You’ll love the craft and it’s something that’ll impress others too. Add shiny rhinestone stickers on top which will shine  like tiny jewels in the evening light.

Floating candles


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We have seen these a lot during diwali but never use them in something unique and attractive way. Try placing these floating delights at almost every table top or corner to lighten and brighten the surroundings. Put them in small bowls or transparent glasses filled with  flower petals, precious stones, marbles etc. and thus they’ll become an entity of their own and amazing to have in a corner of your living room, this one is likely to spread some LOVE!


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Rangolis are old fashioned, no doubt. But you can give them a personal touch by making them with using different techniques and things  like tissue paper or even decorative earthen lamps. So be creative and fly with colours this diwali! LOL..no…you have to be grounded for making rangoli!

Paper cup lamps


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This is a creative as well as a cheap way to decorate your home. By numerous paper cups you can make a string of lamps and after tying them together you can decorate your interiors with it. All that you have to do is take some old cups made of paper, paint them and then fix small lights in them.

These are some easy Diwali decoration ideas. Many of them are DIY projects that you and your loved ones can enjoy making and displaying to your amazed guests. Whatever be your choice of Diwali decoration you need to remember that this festival of light will bring some prosperity and happiness in your lives.


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