Daddy Dearest

It is difficult to get the ideal gift for a man. We all must be agreeing with this statement owing to the fact that while thinking about gifts for all the special people in our lives, we are most confused and baffled by the thought of buying gifts for those handsome men in our lives. With Father’s Day just around the corner, our daddies might tell us not to bother with purchasing gifts for them, but we know that they deserve to know that we care for them, love them unconditionally and respect them immensely. He may not always know the best things in life, but he definitely doesn’t deserve yet another necktie on this Father’s Day. Show him that you care and aspire to get the best for him and make this day truly special for your daddy dearest.


We agree, finding the perfect gift for fathers is a herculean task, but witnessing the pleasantly surprised expression with all the love in their eyes, makes efforts priceless. Instead of the regular cufflinks or shirts, get your dad something unique; gift him something that will be cherished for life instead of being locked up in the closet. Probably the ideal way to shop for your father is online where you’ll be spoilt for choice while selecting and you can easily shortlist something which is special, cost efficient as well as useful. If your dad is a techno enthusiast and is extremely fond of the latest gadgets, a BlackBerry or an Android phone could be a great option.

For daddies who love to smell great, here are some lovely choices that you as a son/daughter can buy for him. A musky Burberry perfume or a sporty Adidas scent will surely lift his mood on a dull day. Or you can simply treat him to a classy wrist watch that will reflect his personality of an adventure lover or a corporate honcho.

Indulge your dad and help him unwind and relax with a personalized bottle of Champagne, Whiskey or Vodka. Any of these bottles can be customized for your dad with his picture and name printed over the label and you can be rest assured that this amazing gift will be kept forever even after the contents disappear in a matter of hours!

This Father’s Day, make every effort to avoid the routine and get creative with some research and funky ideas to make this special day even more special for your father.


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