Create Your Rooftop Garden Easily


The rooftop garden is an ideal mode to enjoy the virtues of outdoor space and gardening when you have no land available. It is perfect for urban environments, where the ground garden space is just limited. You can order flowers online in India or their seeds for your garden.

Before you start, find out if it will be possible to create the garden on your roof. Just make sure that the regulations allow it, & if you have any freeholder, be sure they will allow you to build the garden. You don’t have to spend lots of time & money preparing for the garden/roof terrace & then find out that it was prohibited.

Also, make sure that your house roof can hold the weight of the rooftop garden. For most of the houses, flat roofs are not strong enough for the terraces/roof gardens.

Work out a relaxed access way to roof. You may need to consult with an architect or any roof garden specialist for better guidance and help.

Choose the design, figure out the way you will layout your roof garden. Or use the designer to help. He will be there when you need to choose the flooring to: stone, decking etc.

Remember, there are several details to think about while building the garden & other structures on the roof, and it is always worth to consult with a specialist or more than one specialist before you begin your project.


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