Did you know that colours influence your feelings?

Did you know that the colours around you may be affecting your emotions and state of mind? Have you noticed that you are extremely calm and peaceful in certain surroundings but being in other places just gets on your nerves? Well, there is a very good explanation as to why you feel this way. It’s because colours are associated with a person’s emotions and play a role in influencing your state of mind.

Colours fall into two categories – warm and cool. Warm colours include red, orange and yellow and cool colours include green, blue and purple. Warm colours give rise to emotions like warmth, romance and excitement whereas cool colours mostly give rise to calmness and tranquility.


Colour Psychology can be applied in everyday life when you are decorating your home, painting the walls in your room or purchasing showpieces and paintings for your humble abode.

Light blue falls under cool colours and is said to reduce respiration and lower the blood pressure. Thus, it is said to be the ideal colour for a bedroom, so that you are in a relaxed state of mind. Green is yet another relaxing colour which is said to have less strain on your eye muscles. So, when choosing gifts for your loved ones, just think for a moment as to how you would like him/her to feel after he/she receives the gift. Based on that, decide on the ideal flower colour or a gift colour that would be suitable for that particular occasion.

Research has shown that the colour red increases heart rate, leading to an adrenaline rush. This is why red flowers are given on occasions like anniversaries and weddings. Red gives rise to excitement, energy and romance. On the other hand, the colour yellow signifies happiness, friendship, optimism and warmth. So, for Friendship Day, you know the exact colour of the gift or flower that you can present to your friend.


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