Celebrate Navratri 2014 with Thoughtful Gifts

During Navratri, Hindus worship the nine forms of Devi for nine consecutive days. Worshipers believe that, praying with conviction at this time, invokes the power of the Almighty in the form of ‘Shakti’. She takes the form of Goddess Durga, the eradicator of negativity and miseries of life. September 25th is the day Navratri 2014 is supposed to commence this time.

Although it is not much of a gift-giving occasion, people do like to send traditional gifts to family and friends. The kids especially receive lots of love and blessings in the form presents from elders. Here are some ideas.

Books: Kids should know the legends and fables of Hindu mythology, which forms the foundation of Hindu culture and traditions. Books, such as Amar Chitra Katha tell these tales in an age appropriate language for the kids to understand.

Celebrate Navratri 2014 with Thoughtful Gifts

Kitchen Tools: Innovative kitchen appliances and tools make life easier for everyone especially for those fasting during Navratri . Hence, a rice cooker, a roti maker, a sturdy chopping board would be ideal gifts.


Gadgets: Navratri 2014 is a good opportunity to give a technologically challenged loved one the gift of technology. An easy to operate gadget could be a blessing in disguise for them.


Pooja Accessories: Navratri is a time for fasting and prayer. There are beautiful pooja gifts and sets available to pick for a loved one. They are sure to make the atmosphere more pious.


Sweets & Treats: The most important people to gift during Navratri are the little girls who are the guest for the Kanchika Pooja. Little sweet boxes, or personalised chocolates can be a nice gift for these special guests.


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