Cancer – Reflecting qualities of the changing Moon!

Moody, fickle-minded, devious and insecure yet gracious recipients, they are sticklers for etiquette. Cancerians are known to have mood swinging from high to low and then low to high, just like the moon. While family and friends are well aware of their unpredictable nature, they are still loved, relied upon and warmly welcomed in every social gathering. The problem arises only when it comes to choose a gift for them. However, it isn’t a herculean task if you explore a bit of the nature of Cancer zodiac before actually selecting a gift for them.

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The basic nature of a Cancerian is that they pretend to be tough, but this is all an act! Actually, they are soft and emotional, and therefore they love to be connected with past – remembering those good old times or cherishing old things that take them away from the present and towards peace. Gifting them anything old, like antiques, old treasures, ancient relics, etc. can be a great idea. You can gift them antique show pieces or furniture; even a collection of old photographs in a photo-frame will work fine.
Being exceptionally emotional, when they are hurt, you will either find them crying their heart out or retreating into a silent spell. If a Cancer retreats to his/her shell, you can be sure you will find them become completely unreachable. They won’t pick their phone, answer the doorbell or even see their mail. Keeping this mind, you can check out for something that keeps you connected with them. Look for mobiles phones (choose you own budget), note pads, fancy sticky notes, or a voice recorder, so that even if he or she isn’t in mood to talk to you, at least you can convey your hearty feelings without disturbing them.

Another mood that can engulf a Cancer is a snappy one, or better you say a crabby one. At times it becomes unbearable, but for the most lovable person in your life you would surely attempt to control such state of mind. Creative enterprises are a great way to make the most of their moods and imagination. Music and writing are perfect vehicles for them. They can express the inner part of their being as entertaining literary, art or music pieces. Gift them a set of diaries, pens, any other stationary items, or music CD’s.

Cancerians are a consummate homemaker. Even men born under this sign express the ‘feminine’ aspect of their character in their love of the kitchen. Also they love activities that make them feel secure in their domestic space. Indeed, gift items like crockery, kitchen appliances, container set and casserole sets are sure to captivate their heart.
Actually, you shouldn’t really be over concerned while choosing gifts for a cancer person, because they will never ever give up an object they cherish, be it a gift from a lover or the worn jeans they love wearing!


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