Best Modern Wedding Gifts

Is your best friend getting married? Or your cousin has finally got ready for arranged marriage and it’s  time for you to stress your brain to find the perfect wedding gift for the ‘Just Married’ couple. I know it’s not at all easy to decide what will be the best thing to give and sometimes we end up giving useless gifts  that are are of no use for the couple. So, here I’ve listed some of the best wedding gifts that you might consider gifting.

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  • Monogrammed Wine glass

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Get them specially printed wine glasses that will not only showcase their love but will also shower your blessings for their happy married life in a unique way. You can either get their initials printed or their complete name printed on glasses.

  • Gift an experience:

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You can contribute to their wedding honeymoon or get them vouchers of holidays of an exotic place. If you can’t do it alone then you can do it with other friends or relatives of the couple. This will not only be an amazing gift for the married couple but will also bring you some appreciation. Just imagine on their vacation they’ll be thanking you for all the fun and wonderful days that they are spending because of your gift.

  • Book them for a hobby class

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Spoil the husband and wife with a fun class they can enjoy Cooking together.

  • A dual Bicycle

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A gift that will help them stay healthy and fit always. Also it will increase some romance between them when they’ll ride on one bicycle together. If you’re worried about money then don’t as it’s not going to cost you much.

  • Monogrammed towels

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Towels monogrammed with their names or simply with ‘His’ or ‘Hers’ stitched on them. These will

Not only bring some togetherness in the couple but also this thoughtful gift will impress them. The couple who is going to receive such amazing gift will arouse the sense of belongingness every morning when they’ll use these towels.

  • A pre-booked Date night

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A newly weds will always love to have some personal time and will definitely enjoy a date that will light up their night and bring them a little more closer and will add a little more love between them. Especially when the marriage is arranged then this would surely let them know each other a little more. A candle light dinner or a rooftop brunch any type will work.

  • A Modern Bar Cart

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A wedding gift that a couple can make its mark on is sure to stand out. Bar cart features a sleek, modern design that complements any room and style. But always remember to give these kind of gifts to those who are into drinking otherwise you will waste your money.

  • A customizable art work

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Shower the couple with a gift that they’d never buy or themselves but would love to have if anyone else gift them. A painting that commemorates their big day will be a great gift without any doubt.

You can complement your gift with a small note or card with the poem below, just to add a personal touch to your gift:

Marriage is a promise to be together forever,

Marriage is a vow  to leave each other never ever.

We wish you all the goodness in life ahead,

May you’ll only have between you both to spread.

May you always stay happy and lead a delightful married life,

May you make the best couple as husband and wife.




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