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Balloons are usually pretty straight forward. You buy them, blow them up, tie on a string and enjoy for a few hours until they deflate.There are some pretty amazing ideas out there people. Seriously crazy awesome stuff ! It’s just a shame that such a pliable and DIY-able material often goes used in such a ho-hum and boring way. They’re pretty amazing. Here are some unique things you didn’t know you could do with a balloon!

Make beautiful Vases:

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You can recreate your flower vases by using vibrant coloured  balloons to cover the glass vases. These amazing vases will look fantastic around your house and believe me it’ll make people ask you from where did you get these vases.

As freezers:

Freeze some water balloons and use them to keep your drinks cool for longer during party or picnics at outdoor spots.

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Make Balloon Chocolate Bowls:

An interesting idea to impress your guests. It’s very easy to create chocolate bowls using balloons. Serve something like ice cream in these cute little bowls.

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  Hang them on Ceiling:

Blow up some big balloons and hang a cluster of them on the ceiling using some tape and thread. And then your house is ready for any amazing party or event and you don’t need to add costly chandeliers for making any attractive decoration, just some cheap and awesome balloons will work.

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Make a garland:

Just string up some balloons for an easy garland. Simply thread a length yarn through the knots of some inflated balloons, and hang. As an alternate idea, you can also bunch balloons together in threes before threading them.

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Write Messages:

You can also send some beautiful balloons to someone you love with messages and wishes written on them. Just imagine how he/she will be surprised to see vibrant balloons on the door with lovely messages for them. Surely they’ll cherish this memory forever.

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                       So, try these creative ideas and enjoy yourself having some fun with these balloons.


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