Aroma Of Childhood

Gone are those days when we just lay down on the cushions in hot summer days and enjoys Tiny TV, gone are those days when we used to steal ice-cream from the fridge so that Mommy doesn’t see, gone are those days when soft toys were the best friends and playing in parks was the most adventurous thing and gone are those days when the biggest problem of life was how to solve 4+4..

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Sometimes I feel a bit sad coz now whenever I go back to home from office it doesn’t feel the same comfort and peace, the reason is now time is not there to spend with family and to talk for hours and discuss all the little things in life. Now we’ve grown mature and handles all the things on our own rather than sharing each and every bit with mom. I know you too miss being children and being carefree. But now all we can do is remember and cherish those days, which can never come back now but still brings a wide smile on our faces whenever we chat to our school buddies about the naughty and funny things we did  together in school or look at old photographs that makes us nostalgic.

The best part of childhood is that no matter with whom we fight and how much we fight or on which issue we fight, we tend to forget these kind of silly things as soon as possible. Like I still remember fighting with my younger brother over an ice-cream and we were hitting each other like hell and knocking down each others’ head, but the very next day we were like best friends. I do remember playing all afternoon as the best part of being a child is that you are more active than “The Flash”, so you’re able to run and play the whole day and still doesn’t get tired until daddy is there to make you sleep forcefully after a pillow fight with your sibling.


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Childhood reminds me about granny and grandpa too, it’ll not be wrong to say that our childhood would be incomplete without our grandparents. The stories we’ve been told by them, the summer vacations that we used to spend in our village where there were farms and pets and yeah not to miss our beloved cousins with whom we’re no longer in touch but do miss and cherish those days of innocence with them. Our ‘Naani and Daadi’ used to be the one who had always seen that we are not taking our diets properly and then we we are flooded with lots of fats in our plates. At that time there were no worries about being fat or chubby we just used to have whatever our heart desires, and it was never an issue if the food item contains any calories or not.

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Yeah, now we’ve lots of duties and responsibilities on our shoulders earlier as a child we just never bothered about all these things, so I don’t know if growing up is a boon or a bane, but we all sometimes wish if we can become kids again and sleep in our mother’s lap. Those days can never come back, but they hold a great importance to our life, we must never forget how we’ve grown after growing up.

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So, I would say act like an adult but be a kid from heart.

I would like to share a poem on childhood that I came across on net

I love childhood for the abundant joy it offers.

Those precious years

when your parents pamper you,

when your naughtiness is cherished,

when your mistakes are forgiven by a cute ‘sorry’,

when your only work is to play.

I love childhood for the freedom it bestows.

Those carefree years

when you take nap in the afternoons,

when you get summer holidays every year,

when you savor ice creams and chocolates merrily,

when you are not worried about putting on weight.

I love childhood for the sweet memories it leaves.

Those prized years

when you did everything for the first time;

the first time you went to the school,

the first time you learnt to ride a bicycle,

the first outing with your friends,

and the most memorable of all, the first crush.

By Jahnavichintakunta


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