7 Things your Gift-Wrapping Is Saying About You

Some consider gift-wrapping as a medium to channelize their creativity and create something out of the ordinary. For some, there can be no task more idiotic than wrapping a gift. Diverse people, knowingly or unknowingly, express themselves in the way they wrap their gifts. What does your gift-wrapping tells about you.

Plastic Bag (none) Wrapping: When it comes to wrapping a gift, you are lazy; you do not put in any effort. The charm of wrapped gifts eludes you and so does the idea of thoughtfulness.

Plastic Bag Wrapping gifts

Brown Paper Wrapping: Brown paper is a popular choice for wrapping only if it’s beautifully decorated using ribbons and other embellishments. Otherwise, it’s just brown paper – boring, and brands you as a cheapskate.

Brown Paper Wrapping

Messy Wrapping: You create too much of mess in an attempt to wrap a gift. You clearly are too excited about the gift-giving occasion. No matter how much you ‘add’, it always appears inadequate and something seems to be missing.

Messy Wrapping

Gift Boxes: It’s understandable that you like to keep people guessing until the end; you are mysterious. However, too much of suspense kills the spirit of excitement.

Gift Boxes

Festive Wrapping Paper: You certainly enjoy wrapping gifts and above all, enjoy the festival with a childlike enthusiasm.

Festive Wrapping Paper:

Over the Top Wrapping: If you are trying to put a point across with your elaborately wrapped gift, the only point you are putting across is that you are pretentious.

Over the Top Wrapping

Mute yet Alluring Wrapping: If that’s how you go about wrapping most of the time, congratulations, you maintain an excellent balance between creativity and thoughtfulness. You are artistic.

Mute yet Alluring Wrapping

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