6 Best Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Actually Love

Wedding favours are a soon catching trend in India and a tricky tradition to get right. Nowadays, We see people making use of wedding registries like Honeyfund to ensure that the newly-weds actually want the gifts as opposed to risk purchasing something that the couple doesn’t like. Nevertheless,  We did a little research to round up the prettiest and rather useful favours.

Personalised Coasters : Practical and stylish at the same time the personalised coasters make the perfect keepsake and are undeniably useful!


Scented Candles : Who doesn’t love scented candles? Your guests would appreciate the little token that’s sure to create an amazing feeling of nostalgia. What we love about this idea is, they are absolute budget friendly.


Hot Sauce : Turn up the heat at your wedding with these adorable little bottles of hot sauce. Guaranteed to remind your guests of your sizzling romance every time they open the cork.



Succulent Plants : If you are looking for an eco-friendly gift, few things beat a nice succulent potted plant. With superb aesthetic value, they can be placed at home or in office for a little greenery.


Premium Tea : The refreshing tea favours add a trendy twist to your traditional favour giving.  The dramatically different favour is sure to impart soothing delights to your guest .



Homemade Jam or Sweet chutney: They make the sweetest favours. This will long last and every time your guest spreads them, they will remember your beautiful wedding. Jars can be used later for storage.




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    A little rationality lifts the quality of the debate here. Thanks for coubgitntinr!

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    Dude, right on there brother.

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