5 Gift Ideas For Your Junior Scientist

5 Gift Ideas For Your Junior Scientist

Kids are naturally curious. They are buzzing with questions about the world around them and usually turn to you for answers. When inculcated well, this inquisitive behaviour can make your child blossom into an intelligent and thoughtful person. If your child is constantly asking questions about the wonders of the world–to the point you can’t even keep up–consider buying science-related gifts for him or her! Here are five gift ideas for your young genius:

  1. Aircraft Engineer Science Kit: If your child constantly takes things apart to find out what they are made of, here’s one way of encouraging the in engineer in them! The Aircraft Engineer Science Kit is an award-winning game which follows two children, Ty and Kylie, on an aircraft-building adventure. A beautifully illustrated storybook chronicles the funny escapades of the two children on their family holiday. They save their friends and family, find some treasure and learn lots by building different kinds of airplanes along the way. Children can use the storybook and 71 different playing pieces to put together different aircraft–right from a helicopter, hang glider, prop plane to even a space shuttle! This kit is suitable for children from the ages of 3 up and helps them build age-appropriate motor and reasoning skills while letting their imagination fly!
  1. Plush Microbes: Playing with plush toys makes children want to know more about the real version of the toy they are playing with, so there is no better way of introducing your young genius to the marvels of the animal world than plush toys. In fact, you can introduce a whole new range of unseen life to him or her: microbes! You can actually gift a plush microbe toy to your child, whether it is deadly (yet unbelievably cute) anthrax, pneumonia, and Hepatitis C virus or friendly-looking neuron or platelet! Manufactured by GIANTmicrobes, each plush microbe comes with small informative cards about the toy. These toys are cute and cuddly, and make for great gifts for babies and biologists alike!
  1. 3D Puzzle Dinosaur: You will be hard-pressed to find a child that doesn’t love dinosaurs. Kids devour the names of dinosaurs and happily list complex-sounding names, one after the other, of their favourite dinosaurs. There is actually a science behind kids’ obsession with dinosaurs: developing intense knowledge about a subject (dinosaurs) makes children feel confident and makes them better learners. Needless to say: a dino-obsession should definitely be encouraged. Gift your young paleontologist 3D Puzzle Dinosaurs! There are 6 different dinosaurs to choose from, including T Rex and Stegosaurus. Built with simple, non-hazardous wood pieces, this toy can help your young one put together fossils to build his or her favourite dinosaur!
  1. Do-It-Yourself UFO’s: For children, right after dinosaur-obsession, comes a fascination for aliens. If your child is fascinated by space and the night sky and is wondering whether green little men exist beyond the earth, it’s time to let him or her build a UFO! Designed to help your child build their craft skills (and an alien or two), the Do-It-Yourself UFO Craft Kit is armed with a variety of child-safe creative material (like transparent domes, metallic and holographic foil) to help your child make intergalactic spaceships. Your child will get a fun channel for expressing his or her creativity, while simultaneously exploring the wonders of the space. Each kit comes with a number of DIY materials, and little green men to put inside each spaceship. You can even hang these little UFO’s over their bed so that their minds can explore the wonder of the night sky as they sleep!
  1. Candy Chemistry: If your cooking sessions are peppered with endless questions about what makes the water bubble or how sugar is so sweet, your one-stop solution is the Candy Chemistry Science Kit! This kit is an innovative fusion of chemistry principles and sweet-making. The included manual will not only answer questions like what makes sugar crystallize but also follow up on how this can be used to make candy! The kit comes with gummy bear and chocolate molds, as well as measuring vessels, thermometers, dipping forks. Using these materials, your child can learn basic principles of chemistry, like mixing, measurement, and heat, while cooking up a sweet candy treat!

Many children fail to be excited about learning because our school systems often fail to stimulate their curiosity. You can quite literally give the gift of learning to your child with these wonderful and thoughtful gift ideas. Not only will your child learn and grow, she or he will have a lot of fun, thus truly find joy in learning.


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