5 Most Crucial Corporate Gifting Etiquette

The holiday season is almost here and in some time, the Christmas spirit and festivities will brighten the place once again. Shopping for gifts for Christmas is a fun activity. Just as family and friends are important recipients, so are business associates, clients, bosses and employees. However, when it comes to corporate gifting, there is a fine line between what’s appropriate and inappropriate.

If you do not want your appropriate intentions to be misinterpreted, don’t give him or her any kind of personal or intimate gifts.

corporate gifting

Even if you enjoy alcohol, it is not an appropriate corporate gifting idea, unless you are completely sure that the recipient is a connoisseur of fine alcohol or enjoys it as much as you do.

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If the gift cannot be personal, it does not have to be impersonal, meaningless or controversial either.

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Many corporate houses organise ‘Secret Santa’ for their employees with proper rules regarding the kinds and the value of the gift. Sticking to the rules is good idea as it’s neither right to spend less on a gift nor overspend.

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If your boss is also on your list of recipients, the above rule of corporate gifting applies the most. Instead of trying to impress the boss, express your gratitude and appreciation for having the opportunity to work with him or her.


Obviously, you would not wish to hurt someone’s sentiments even if it was done unintentionally. Going by the etiquettes of corporate culture, these guidelines will help you narrow down your choices.

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